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Advantages of Using Text Ads

Apr 6, 2008
Like banner ads, text ads have their uses in online advertising as well. They can be beneficial in building traffic as well as gaining sales. They may not have the same type of eye catching result like bulk e-mail marketing once did, but it still a lucrative means to earn cash. Text ads have been around for some time. When the words "text ads" are mentioned, most people automatically think of Google Ads.

They would be right in thinking that way as Google turned their text ads business into a multi billion dollar business. It is so successful that there are others who have followed trying to emulate Google's success.

Text ads have a number of advantages over other forms of advertising. Here are just a few.

Some sites will offer to place your text ad on their site for a fee. They can be commercial sites, or sites like traffic exchanges. In both cases here, the results can depend entirely on how much traffic is being seen by each site. Other sites that have a higher page ranking can be more costly, but the results can be so much better. Often times the advantages far exceed the costs.

It has been interesting to note that this form of advertising has even graduated to blogs. Some of the more successful bloggers offer a monthly subscription fee to keep short text ads or links on their blogs. They further report that the income from this can be significant.

A further note is that text ads on higher ranked sites can significantly aid in getting the lower ranked site indexed and ranked in the search engines. This alone can be significant in getting quality traffic.

Text ads advertising on sites like Google can be more cost effective than other forms of advertising. PPC search engines often use keyword bidding as a means to rank the various advertisers. The results here depend on how much the advertisers are willing to spend on each click.

Another advantage of text ads is the fact that they are quick loading. Unlike banner ads which require smaller file sizes to load quickly, text ads can load almost instantly and is more dependent on the speed of the ads server than their respective file sizes.

A growing and more popular advantage is their use in traffic exchanges. There are even traffic exchanges that use text ads exclusively. In most cases the ads are free and the target audience can vary depending on their exposure. Some traffic exchanges not only allow the advertiser to surf for added exposure, but also have the added feature of allowing the text ads to be displayed on member sites in formats that resemble Google type ads.

This gives members the added bonus of having their ads displayed both in the traffic exchange and on member's sites to be displayed outside the network. It ads a certain viral quality to this type of advertising.

As you can see, texts ads have a number of advantages that are simply not present in other forms of advertising. It is among the most flexible and easy means to promote your site there is. It works.
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