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Targeted Article Marketing - 6 Improtant Keys to Excel at Article Marketing

Apr 6, 2008
A lot of webmasters would like to excel at article marketing and I could understand why. This amazing tool never fails to deliver great result not only in traffic generation but most importantly, in augmenting online revenue as as long as it is done the right way. In addition, article marketing is proven to be the best free marketing tool in the internet today. It cannot only drive quality traffic to your website but it can also help you position yourself as an expert on your chosen niche so online users will trust you and eventually consider doing business with you.

Here are the some simple steps that can help you improve your article marketing strategies:

1. One of the main reasons why you are publishing your articles is to build rapport with your potential clients. You would want them to like you so they will eventually consider doing business with you. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by taking the time and making your author's bio interesting. Most publishing sites allow you to introduce yourself to your readers so they would know more about you on a personal level. List down your hobbies, interests, your expertise, your desire to help, and some of your personal information. Don't forget to include your most recent photos so your readers can connect the information with a face.

2. Your articles must be credible. Online users will gauge your expertise and your professionalism based on the quality of your content. If they found that your information are baseless and contain inaccuracies, you will lose their trust and business in an instant. Thus, strive to make your content truthful and back up your claims with reputable resources like studies, researches, and statistics.

2. Proofread. This is especially important if you are one of those marketers who are hiring ghostwriters. Make sure that all your articles are well-written, flow well, and free from any error that can be taken against your credibility and professionalism.

3. Make each word work for you. If your articles contain words that are not in any way helping you get your message across, they are considered filler. Strike them out to make your content brief and concise.

4. Write topics that are related to your products. If you are selling laptops and you are writing about mobile phones, you might be able to drive traffic to your website but will it be targeted? Chances are, you will have online visitors that are not interested on what you offer and cannot help you augment your revenue. That is why it is very recommended that you stick with topics that are relevant to your offerings to drive interested parties to your website.

5. Create more inbound links for your website. There are actually 2 ways to do that: multiply the number of your articles and focus on the quality of your content. When you increase the number of your output, you will gain one quality inbound link per submission. You will also increase your backlinks when you create great articles as you can be assured that they will be picked up and widely republished by other marketers.

6. Maximize the use of your resource box. You can actually use 3 hyperlinks within your resource box that will drive your readers to your website. Take advantage of this to increase the chances of your site being visited. I suggest that you use 2 anchor texts and an absolute URL.
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