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Ways Of Promoting Your Business In The Internet

Apr 6, 2008
Nowadays, when one finds that he can no longer rely on a stable job to raise the standard of his own living, he finds that he needs to put up a business in the sidelines so that he can earn more not just to make ends meet, but to actually improve his financial status.

Business opportunities have arisen lately since the introduction of the Internet to the general populace. You could easily see nowadays that several people are engaging in e-commerce or Internet business because of the convenience in managing it and the higher chances of attracting potential customers.

Despite the advancements in technology, the rules remain the same: beat out the competition. In e-commerce, to do so means that you have to get yourself noticed more than your competition. The best and effective way to do this is to utilize the search engines to your advantage.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the technique of structuring the design and content of your website in order for it to satisfy the rules of search engines for ranking, and for it to rank high among search engine results.

SEO is driven by keywords and themes. This means that when you optimize your site, you are making sure that each page is centered on a single primary keyword. This keyword in turn is a secondary keyword related to the main theme on which the entire site is focused. Google, for example, uses a semantic indexing technique to see if the content of a website is related and relevant to a certain theme when it sends out its spiders to index pages for search results.

Blogs and Viral Marketing

Blogs are also effective in promoting a business. When you blog, make sure you produce quality content and information in every article. These articles should tickle the readers' fancy and make them want to seek out more information about the topic. At the bottom of your article you place a link to your website and an invitation to the reader to the visit it. This way, you are guiding a web surfer to your website so he can check out your products and services.

Blogs can be part of a viral marketing campaign. If a surfer likes your articles, he may post a bookmark to it on social bookmarking sites such as Digg so that other people may know about it. This is what viral marketing is all about: spreading the word to other people. Through these sites, more people are exposed to your business indirectly through your blog.

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is a new way of promoting your business, and this is also done through search engines.

Under PPC, a businessman posts an ad to any pay per click firm. Just like SEO, the ad is associated to certain keywords which are specified by the businessman himself. When someone makes a search using these keywords, the ad appears in a corner of the search result page.

PPC is a flexible and affordable way to generate traffic to your website. It offers a higher chance of conversion (that is, a visitor becomes a customer) because the persons clicking your ad are those that have made searches for it and thus are interested in your product.

It is affordable because you can control how much you'd be willing to pay for these ads. You only pay for clicks, and you can specify the limit for the number of clicks your ad should incur before it is taken down by the PPC firm.
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