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Apr 6, 2008
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vital component when it comes to building internet presence, creating effective internet marketing, and engineering a successful web business. Basically, SEO drives traffic to your website that is of valuable worth.

In doing this effectively, SEO companies have to draw up and provide various Search Engine Optimisation reports, that gives them and you as a client, a clue as to where your website needs the most optimisation. This will then help you know how your website can be steered and enhanced to ensure better traffic and higher placement in search engine results.

What exactly do the reports show?

Here is a basic list of what these search engine reports show:

1. The coding problems on your website

Content and graphics are paramount in effective SEO, but the way in which both of these (and the entire website) is coded is also vital. Adequate coding makes it easier for the website to be scanned by the search engines; this gives you a higher position in their search results.

2. If your technology is up to date

Technology is constantly changing, and the internet along with it. Your website may not be compliant with web standards, which means that not all users can access it easily. There are many other aspects of the technology you use that need to be considered as well.

3. Keywords

This is vital. The content of your website needs to target the correct keywords that would be used by search engine users when they conduct a search. If you match the right keywords more consistently, you get a higher placing on search engines.

4. Your Metadata

Metadata works very much like the keywords above, except that it is on the more technical side of the site. As with keywords, relevant Metadata gives you better placement.

5. Accessibility

This is also paramount in having an effective and successful site. If your site is not easily accessible, you lose your clients and market very quickly.

With the above five points the report will also show what needs to be done to get your website to perform effectively. The cost of the services needed would then be relayed.

Is there a difference between US and UK reports?

It is not commonly known, but there are many differences in strategy when it comes to US SEO or UK SEO. These differences focus around the notable distinctions between the cultures and use of language.

As a basic example, word spellings variate. But it goes beyond just spelling too (as spelling problems can often be fixed by the search engines.) Statistics show that the keywords and key phrases used are entirely different; this would mean that a change is needed with the keywords you target at your site, which would include changes in your Metadata. The differences also affect Accessibility, as those in the US generally prefer to work one way while those in the UK work another. These differences in the cultures are in fact vitally important when building your global presence. SEO reports generated for the UK take all of these details into account, so that you will generate a website that appeals to this culture. For this reason, it is very important that you employ the services of professional SEO experts who understand these differences and can help you target the correct market.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents many UK businesses. For Search Engine Optimisation in the UK, he recommends Impact Media Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists of Search Engine Optimisation .
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