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Work At Home Using Affiliate Marketing

Apr 6, 2008
Did you know that you can work from home and make money on the internet without ever selling? There are very few online opportunities that are easier or cost less money than affiliate marketing.

There are businesses and people earning thousands of dollars each year doing affiliate marketing. The business plan is simple. Your clients are already established online businesses selling a wide array of products and services. You get paid for bringing customers to your client which is the website you are an affiliate for. You then get paid either a set fee or a percentage of what the customer buys. Some affiliate programs also pay for every time someone clicks through.

The opportunities associated with affiliate marketing are numerous and growing every day. This is how it works. The affiliate places a banner or link advertisement on their website and each time a customer clicks through from the affiliate website to the merchant websites and makes a purchase the affiliate earns a commission.

Finding affiliate programs is not that hard. It has become so profitable and popular in the internet marketing business that almost everyone seems to be doing it. This does not mean you should settle for just any affiliate program.

It is important to choose a program that is at least somewhat relevant to your website or business. This way you have the best possible chance of your customers clicking through to the affiliate website. For example, if you sell cameras or photography equipment you might join an affiliate program with a company that sells photography books.

Be sure to read the affiliate contract carefully. While there are excellent legitimate affiliate programs out there it seems there is always somebody trying to rip you off while making a quick buck. You can avoid these scams if you review affiliate agreements carefully and go with your gut about whether a website or program is legitimate.

The great thing about an affiliate marketing home business is that you are not limited to doing only one affiliate program. You can sign on with as many programs as you want as long as you have room on your website to place their banner or link.

Here are some ideas for locating a good affiliate program.

1. Will your customers like the product?

2. How much does the merchant pay and for what do they pay? Click throughs? Purchases?

3. Do they give you a percentage of all future purchases by that customer? Or do they pay only for the first purchase?

4. How frequently are commissions paid? This information should be in the affiliate agreement.

You can find the right affiliate programs for your home based business by doing some good research and in no time you will be making money simply for referring customers from your website.
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