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Data Entry Jobs - Are They Real And Can You Really Make Money?

Apr 6, 2008
There are a whole lot of data entry jobs that are waiting for you out there. So how do you know what is available for you? Read on.

Data entry jobs run the gamut of any type of data placed on the Internet. This is much different than the original type of work known. Entering data can now be content creation, blog postings, links, and any number of any other type of data that is being used online. The level of data content can be laid back humor or highly technical blogs describing what is new in electronics equipment. There are several ways to find these listings for the jobs in entering data, including postings at freelance sites, web forums that have jobs listings and advertising on such sites about the data entry services that you provide. You can also find jobs through a site that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers.

Blog postings

A blog is a type of online journal or daily logbook that has become more popular in recent years as more people share space on the Internet. Although a blog originally started out as just a posting of random thoughts and words, it is metamorphic in many cases to an advertising medium of the underlying subject. For example a blog from a garden center might use personal descriptions of planting this or that shrubbery that is naturally available at the business. The data entry jobs in this instance are to write the blog postings and in some instances to post the blogs to the property web site.

Forum postings

Another way for you to take advantage of the many data entry jobs on the Internet is to prepare forum postings. The forums on many web sites are active and full of good information about the subject matter for the web site. Web site hosts often contract to have forum postings created and made for their web site. This may involve creating various screen names and can go so far as to ask and answer questions that would be helpful for other visitors to the forum.

Content articles

Other data entry jobs actually create articles that are added to the web site of the owner. These articles may contain keywords that are related to the web site subject so that search engines will find the phrases and direct web browsers to the web site of the owner. The content articles need to be interesting and informative and contain legitimate content for the benefit of the person doing the searching. Web hosts are always looking for new informational articles to make the site more interesting and informative to visitors.

SEO postings

The web content itself is also being reworked in such a way as to make the site more attractive to those searching for information on the Internet. By using carefully crafted web pages with search engine optimization in mind, the web site owner is contracting for data entry jobs of workers who are capable of optimizing the search engine content of their web site.

These jobs vary in price according to the amount bid to complete the work. The actual contract is often handled by a broker who serves as a go-between for the web site owner and the person doing the writing.
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