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The Worm Has Finally Turned

Apr 6, 2008
The world is eventually seeing the benefits of women in business. We have struggled for years, trying to prove our worth in the world of business and trying to convince this male dominated society that we are more than baby making factories. In the developed world, progress had been made and nurses, teachers and hairdressers are in abundance.

But look to the corporate sector. How many women do you see leading big businesses? This has been an area where women have fought for rights for over 100 years now. Since gaining rights to vote we have forged ahead, still battling against the attitude that we can't multi task and that child rearing is solely the woman's department.

However, a change is occurring. International Women's Day has been an aspect picked up by many companies, including Google, to celebrate and encourage women in the field of business. The world is now beginning to recognise that we are as capable as men of running business and the 8th of March is set every year to acknowledge this.

Offices the world over function under the control of women. Even the men who think they are in control have a good woman behind them but they are beginning to want the recognition they deserve. Women have spearheaded many improvements in companies where men were afraid of change.

Take, for instance, the humble office. All companies have to have an office base. Most companies have recognised the need for on-going training for their staff. And now, thanks to women, many businesses have seen the benefit of projector installation for these training purposes. This is a much easier way of getting your message across to staff in an easy and comfortable environment.

In schools, it always used to be fun to watch your teacher wipe all her work off the chalkboard with her ample bosom or rear end. With projector installation, it takes the fun out of watching this but does encourage more interaction between pupil and lesson.

The worlds' largest investment bank, Goldman Sachs, have pledged an investment of $100 million to teach women management and business skills across the globe. You can be quite sure an amount of this will be set aside for projector installation across the globe in every teaching institution that they decide to use.

This particular company recognise the value of women in the workforce and their aim is to assist women from Asia, the Middle East and Africa especially, to use their skills and bring their intelligence into play on a much bigger scale. This will have the added benefit of securing a more independent future for these women.

A total of 70,000 Africans leave their country every year to work in more developed areas. They take on their training with gusto and yearn for more. They grasp technology as eagerly as any Westerner, often more so. They see the benefits of, and make use of, all technological advancements including the use of projector installation that has helped them so much on their own learning curves.

African governments then have to spend $4 billion a year trying to fill the positions they leave from overseas workforces. Goldman Sachs aim to make it possible for these vacancies to be filled from within their own country - from the women.

This is Goldman Sachs biggest charitable donation to date and will educate 10,000 women with the use of computer skills, management and business skills, with the use of projector installation. It will also have the knock on effect of increasing the confidence of these women and empowering them to take more control over their lives in a very much male dominated society.

This is obviously the time for less 'power to the people' and more 'power to the women'.
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Business expert Catherine Harvey looks at the use of projector installation as a teaching tool.
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