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Benefits Of Viral Marketing To Your Business

Apr 6, 2008
Viral marketing is just one marketing technique out of many that exist today. However, both new and established businesses still rely on the technique to effectively distribute themselves unto the mainstream society.

What is viral marketing exactly?

Definition of Viral Marketing

With the rapid and widespread use of computer technology nowadays, uninitiated people are sometimes led to believe that viral marketing is done through the use of viruses or Trojan horses. Actually, this is far from truth. Viral marketing makes use of legitimate and non-damaging ways of marketing products to the public.

Viral marketing makes use of the "word of mouth" strategy in order to make the public aware of a certain business and its offerings. This is done through several ways. The end aim is to disseminate the information to as much an audience as possible.

This is why the name of the technique is called "viral." The spread of information from person to person is akin to the replication behavior of both computer and biological viruses. Viruses attach themselves to certain body cells in the body, and goes along with their divisions in order to spread. In the context of computers, this means that the virus spreads itself by going from file to file and injecting its code into the source, so that when the file is run, the virus' replication code is also executed thus ensuring its multiplication.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

In viral marketing, the rate in which your business is brought to the awareness of the desired audience is rapid. There is minimal effort from your part in this matter. The only thing you need to do is to get the fire started, and it will spread on its own. In this case, the only effort you'd need is the initial propagation and the part of making the business attractive enough that people would want to spread the word about it to other people.

Viral marketing has proven itself effective in the past. Perhaps the best example of this is Hotmail. Hotmail made use of viral marketing to bring its desired audience to its net of influence. As a result, Hotmail today is one of the largest free, web-based email providers in the Internet today.

Ways of Initiating Viral Marketing For Your Online Business

Viral marketing has evolved in various ways to survive in relevance to current technology and media. It exists even today, when the Internet is used as the prime media not just for doing business, but for virtually anything else.

Viral marketing is virtually easier to do nowadays with the second generation of the World Wide Web, or Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is characterized by the rapid rise of social networking websites. Marketers have taken advantage of this evolution and adapted their viral marketing techniques.

Social bookmarking sites, like Digg.com, is very useful in this context. Social bookmarking sites exist for users to share important media and information with other users of the website. Businesses can establish a blogsite through which they could post information that anyone can read, always with a link to its website that a user can visit for more information on the subject matter of the article.

If people like the information in the blog, he or she will share it with other people through these bookmarking sites. Through this mechanism, your business will attract more and more potential customers faster.
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