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Taking Advantage Of Search Engines To Promote Your Business

Apr 6, 2008
Since its introduction to the public, the Internet has become a very versatile medium used for almost anything. People use it to sell things, to buy items, to publish works, among others.

Because of the huge influx of information, search engines were created that the user can use to browse for the information he is seeking. Search engines save time for a person, because he doesn't have to manually pick through every site and information just to find what he is looking for.

If you're a businessman engaged in enterprising through the Internet, how can you use search engines to your benefit?

Make Sure Search Engines Find Your Page

In order for you to bring your business to the general public, you must see to it that your page is found and indexed by search engine spiders when a search is invoked. Not only that you have to make sure that your page gets a high rank among other results so that it can attract more customers.

Search engines have a complex algorithm when they rank search engine pages. The first consideration is relevance to the keyword being searched. Your site must be about the keyword or related to it in order to be indexed and given a high among other results. This is where search engine optimization comes in.

All About SEO

Search engine optimization is all about making your page easy to find by search engine spiders. Specifically it is all about structuring your website's content around a keyword or theme. This means that you have to come up with a theme for your website, i.e. what your business is all about.

Once you have decided on your theme, you then need to come up with a list of keywords related to your theme. These will be the primary keywords on which you will center the individual pages of your site later on, so make sure to choose the most competitive keywords for your site. Competitive here means those keywords that have incurred the most number of searches but have least competition.

Keyword and theme density is the name of the SEO game. Keyword density means that your content has to mention the primary keyword a certain number of times. The search engine spider counts the occurrence of this keyword in judging if it is relevant to the search or not. Theme density, on the other hand, means that your website must stick to theme and must have little or no miscellaneous pages at all.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Search engines are also breeding for the latest trend in online marketing: pay per click advertising.

Pay per click involves the use of advertisements that appear on search engine result pages. These advertisements are links to e-commerce sites. When a user clicks on the link, the businessman would pay for that click to the PPC firm offering the service to him.

Pay per click is an innovative and effective way of online marketing. This type of advertising and marketing is also very affordable, so a businessman can control his advertising expenses with PPC.
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