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My First Leap Into Network Marketing

Apr 6, 2008
I started into Network Marketing to find a way to make additional income. I was making a 6 figure income in my store front business, but I was maxing out my time and because of my exceptional skills in my chosen profession I was unable to employ anyone who could meet the quality standards I have set for my work.

What was I to do? I already have some of the highest pricing in the industry. I cant work any more hours. How was I going to create any more income?

I found an opportunity that look so good to me! I loved the product! It was almost unbelievable! I bought in, $3,500.00 later I began training. Yes I was learning but only bare bones not the complete picture! 8 weeks later and an additional $4000,00 spent on advertising, not a single sale!

I placed banner adds, I bought leads, I called leads, I sent auto responder email campaigns out, I bought more leads and more leads. I bought Teleblast voice broadcasts. These were blocks of 10,000 leads loaded into automated calling software which called all 10,000 leads in about 2 hours. The leads hear a prerecorded message and "opt in" by leaving there name and phone number.

These were great leads, very responsive. In one week I drove over 400 people to my website without a single sale. What went wrong?

First of all I learned I am not Dani Johnson! I am terrible at calling people!

Secondly I jumped around way to much with my advertising methods. Instead of becoming proficient with one type off add, I was running willie nillie from this add to that add. I needed to concentrate on one and get really good at that till I produced positive results!

How do I turn this around? How long could I keep throwing money at this problem without a return?

Well let me tell you I found a way to generate FREE LEADS! The best thing is these leads are the best, most targeted leads I've found! With a conversion rate of 11%!!!! These leads will be targeted at exactly what you offer! Not generic Home business leads.

Now I make money from these free leads even before they join my team. Wait is this free or am I actually making a profit from free advertising? Wow! The light bulb went on!!! So if I make money with this free advertising , I should be doing a lot more of it? Right? You bet! Not just more, a whole lot more! All this effort is rewarded with more and more great leads that covert at 11%. And all this advertising just stays in place bringing you lead after lead for years! If you can be consistent in placing this advertising your lead generation will multiply by leaps and bounds.

What do I do when there are more leads than I can handle? Pass them on to my down line! What a win win situation!

To learn more about generating targeted free leads follow the link below!
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Bobby Winchell is an accomplished businessman with 35 years of marketing experience. http://bobbywinchell.getnetmlmprofits.com/profits/?mad=4784
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