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What Makes Someone An Internet Marketing Guru?

Apr 6, 2008
If someone were to ask you if you were a "guru", what would you say? Guru? Who me? " I don't think so", right? Most people, the mass of people, shy away from such a title. A title that implies an expert or utmost authority figure often scares people, and they don't associate that label with themselves. A guru, by basic definition, is a teacher or someone who imparts initiation.

So, who can be called a Guru? Anyone. Anyone whose drive is to learn more. A guru is nothing more than someone who has a library of knowledge in a particular area or is an influential teacher. Do you consider a guru to be an expert? An expert, by definition, is someone who has comprehensive authoritative knowledge. Do you see the difference? A guru has an understanding knowledge, and an expert has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge. What area in your life do you have an understanding knowledge? In other words, what area in your life are you comfortable enough to share, impart to others, or to "teach" to others? Everyone has that type of knowledge in some area of their life, but most people don't even realize this. Maybe you have a hobby that you absolutely love to do. You have spent countless hours, days, months or even years doing this hobby and learning how to do it better. You have more knowledge in this area than most people could imagine. I would bet that if you got into a discussion with someone, or a group of people about your hobby, that you would be able to "teach" them things that they didn't know about it. You would be considered a guru when it came to this hobby, right? Of course. So you see, you have an understanding knowledge of lots of things, things that other people might not know. So the term "guru", is really an over hyped term when it comes to Internet marketing. You are, whether you really believe it or not, a guru in something, maybe you just haven't discovered what it is. So don't shy away from the title.

Okay, let's move on. The title of this article is, "What makes someone an Internet marketing guru?" We have the basic definition down, so let's explore the answer to this title.

Have you ever wondered how there can be SO many so-called Internet marketing gurus? How did they all become gurus and where did they come from? Where did they get their information. How often have you gotten an e-mail or gone to a website where the person is labeled as a network marketing guru, or an Internet marketing guru or some type of guru? It is a label that people use effectively to sell an e-book, or a system, or a c.d., or a technique they call a "secret". Are they dishonest? Absolutely not. The know that they possess a certain type of "understanding knowledge" that they have learned, applied, and have been successful with. They are offering to "share", "impart that knowledge", or to "teach" you that particular technique. In the process, they are going to make money from it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. That is the beauty of free enterprise. I don't believe that they are trying to deceive anyone either, because I believe that their technique works, so why not make some income from it? Now, here is the real question, "Is the information you pay for worth paying for?" Well, if it is something that you don't know, but you apply it and it works, absolutely! I guarantee you this though, if you wanted to learn more techniques or strategies on how to successfully market your business or product on the Internet, and not pay for it, you could. There are countless resources on the Internet today to provide you with ALL the knowledge, techniques and strategies you need. The issue that you would face would be that of time. I won't lie to you. Learning enough of the techniques and strategies to properly, effectively and successfully market does require a substantial time investment. You can facilitate your learning by purchasing "tips", "techniques", "strategies" and "secrets" from those who have gone before you. But, understand this, part of their strategy is to give you a few helpful tips and to entice you to buy a supplemental "report" or e-book that they have created, re-created or are using. Resist this temptation, because the truth is, the initial reports, free or inexpensive, that they give you is enough to get the ball rolling. It gives you some basic, fundamental knowledge to start marketing your business or product. You can get another report or e-book from someone else with different techniques to supplement the ones you already received.

Now, once you have learned a few strategies and techniques to start marketing, get busy and start applying them. This is where many people fail. The BIGGEST SECRET to successfully marketing on the Internet is what 95% of marketers don't know. (I am going to reveal this "secret" to you at the end of this article).

So, What does it take to be considered an Internet marketing guru? The answer is simple, knowing a handful of strategies or techniques that you are willing to share. What? That's it? Wasn't a guru supposed to know "secret strategies" or stuff nobody else knows? No. Remember, 95% of people don't know the first step to take to market on the Internet. So if you know a handful, then that is more than the general public. Therefore, you can be considered a network marketing guru. Now, you must have applied the strategies and have had a level of success, otherwise you become a scam. You must have applied the strategies and show that this can be learned, used and get results.

I personally decided to learn as much as I could, and apply everything that I learned, to see what actually works. I started this endeavor about 8 months ago. When I started, I thought that by just having my website out there that I would start getting traffic to it. Since then, I have learned numerous strategies, have applied them and have seen very, very good results. I would say that 90% of what I learned was from those who have gone before me. Would I consider myself a guru? I would say that if you asked me if I could teach you how to effectively generate traffic to your website, I would say without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY. So what makes someone an Internet marketing guru? It is just knowing strategies or techniques on traffic generation, that can get results. Knowing how to get your website more visible. You can be as much of a guru as you want. As much as you want to learn and teach. So learn, apply and teach, and find your place as a guru.

So the last thing to talk about...................."The BIGGEST SECRET to successfully marketing online, to getting traffic to your site"..............is using 10 - 15 strategies at all times. Trust me, there is no single "magic" technique or strategy. It is a combination of many strategies working together. The more strategies that you put into place, the greater results and success you will have. You have to understand that you need to put in a lot of time into it up front, but the back end results are fantastic! Work on getting quick traffic early to keep you going, but the real gold mine is getting the long term, targeted traffic. That is truly where your business will flourish.

If you have a web page that can qualify your prospects before they go to website, and a lead generator built into it, imagine what your business would do with long term targeted traffic. I personally endorse one just like this. I have learned and used numerous strategies to drive traffic to my website, and as a result, I have gotten highly targeted leads.

Thank you for reading my article and feel free to leave a comment or contact me.
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Timothy Vigil is a Wellness Experience Coach who helps others with health improvement and learning how to become financially independent with our system. Visit the only lead generating website in network marketing at http://www.FollowMeToFortune.com
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