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A Brief Guide Into The Travel And Hospitality Courses

Apr 6, 2008
Perhaps a fast growing profession and qualification is tourism training and working within the travel industry. In the last twenty years, there have been more and more people looking into becoming tourist information professionals, travel guides and travel agents. Tourism has now become one of the most significant employments around and has become ever more competitive due to the number of applicants.

Tourism training course come available for people of all levels, from entry level to executives needing a refresher course. Getting into this industry requires in depth knowledge of the tourism market. This is a key industry for the economy as tourism alone brings in approximately over 70 pounds billion in the UK. This industry employs over two million people making it more and more competitive to get into.

The tourism training can also be part of a combined travel and tourism course, which is offered as an accredited qualification globally. Tourism itself is promoted for its benefits towards the economy. The training itself focuses on the tourism market of various countries. Often this will mean the students will study the more popular destinations in detail, as they will have a higher possibility of working for this region.

Those that do complete this training find that their training and learning does not stop. This is industry is so fast paced that there are constant changes and updates to the service and facilities. There are always new developments happening globally, not to mention travel agents will need constant update in their training as the booking and flight systems are subject to changes each year. A lot of the travel agents job is to organise the flight, book the hotel and arrange travel arrangements for their client, so they are in constant contact with airlines and airports.

Training as a travel agent requires plenty of training and experience of travelling. Customers very often ask for the agent's opinions that may be of great help to them especially if you have visited the requested destination.

For people who choose to go into the hospitality service industry will focus on client relations more than they would on the tourism training. Hospitality focuses on serving the customers visiting the selected destinations, providing as much information as you can on each area including own personal experiences visiting this area and what to expect in their chosen accommodation.

Some travel training involves students visiting another country with high tourism rate, to gain firsthand experience and a passion for travel. Many of these courses are tailor made to introduce the students into an industry that is at constant change. With hospitality training come modules on specific hotels - these are also broken down into separate course offering students to focus on one specific subject.

Travel and tourism training focus more on the market trends. It is more business focussed but also includes event coordination, client communications and tour guiding. People participating in these courses are passionate about this field and always have a strong enthusiasm for travelling
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Anna Stenning is an expert on tourism training, having researched and considered studying for this course.
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