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Powerful Article Marketing Revealed The 7 Ultimate Ways To Improve Your Article Marketing

Apr 7, 2008
Article marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Imagine, you don't have to spend money on advertising cost and you do not need to learn technical skills to popularize your website, position yourself as an expert on your chosen niche, generate more sales leads, and augment your revenue. All you have to do is write and market your articles online to create quality inbound links for your website and build trusting relationship with your potential clients.

Here are the 7 ultimate ways to improve your article marketing:

1. Do not advertise on your articles. When people search for articles online, they are expecting to get information that can either help them better understand their situation or get solution to their pressing issues. That is why, they can easily get annoyed if they are presented with sales letter-like articles that contain little valuable information and lots of sales pitches. When this happen, you will easily lose the trust and business of your potential clients. That is why, it is of outmost importance that you keep your articles informative, content-rich, and useful, when you do so, you are increasing your chances of converting your readers to potential clients.

2. Keyword analysis. Each of your articles must be written around one keyword or popular search phrase so they can be easily found online. But what happens if your chosen search terms are very competitive? I suggest you move to the next search phrase which is less competitive to increase the chances of your articles showing up on top 10 search results.

3. Keep your articles short. Strive not to bore your readers with lengthy articles and make it a habit to limit their word count to 500. As you might already know, people online have limited attention span and they prefer short articles that offer the information they need upfront.

4. Multiply the number of your articles. Strive to increase the number of your output to obtain more quality inbound links for your website. You can either extend your writing hours or pick topics that are quicker to write. You can also hire ghostwriters who can provide you quality and well-written articles for $5-$12 each depending on your topic and required word count.

5. Create a compelling author's bio. If you want to easily build rapport with your potential clients, you need to find ways on how they can know more about you on a personal level. Create an author's bio on every article submission sites where you normally post your articles to. Make it interesting and personal by communicating your hobbies, interest, personal stories, and experiences. You can also post your most friendly-looking picture to give your readers an idea on how you look like.

6. Make your articles search engine-friendly. Download a free, reliable keyword suggestion tool online that can help you identify the most common searched keyword and key phrases within your target niche. Sprinkle these words and phrases all throughout your content to make your articles highly searchable online.

7. Content. To increase the chances of your articles being read, picked up, and republished by webmasters and other online users, you must strive to make them content-rich, useful, informative, direct to the point, well-written, and highly relevant to the needs and demands of your potential readers.
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