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11 Winning Tips For Creating A Great Squeeze Page

Apr 7, 2008
A squeeze page is the main tool in your arsenal for building a profitable email list. It's your first chance to build trust with your visitor. Therefore, it's important you get it is as close to perfect as possible with the end goal to have your visitor become a subscriber. For this reason, I've put together my top 11 squeeze page tips to help you get fast results.

1) Your squeeze page should load fast. Avoid adding too many graphics as it will slow down the loading and you risk losing your visitor's attention while waiting for it to load.

2) Develop a headline that grabs the readers attention. Creating a great headline doesn't usually happen on your first try. You may need to test headlines and decide which one gets the best results.

3) Create bullet points that generate interest and desire for your visitor. Like the headline, bullet points should be tested and adjusted based on your results.

4) Experiment with long versus short squeeze pages. I have found different niches respond better to one type versus the other.

5) Create a squeeze page that looks appealing to your visitor. The cleaner you present your page the better the results. By clean, I mean the forms and tables are aligned correctly, the fonts are easy to read and the color combination of the page is pleasing to the eye. If in doubt, ask a friend to look at it and have them give you an honest first impression.

6) Make an offer to your visitor that is believable and desirable. People often will use the following statement in regards to how your offer should be presented: "make an irresistible offer that they can't refuse". The problem with this statement is it often leads to hype and you make an offer that you really can't live up to. consequently, you have lost your subscriber once they realize you can't live up to the hype you created. In addition, you lose all credibility. Make it a believable offer for something a person would want and you will get good results.

7) Design your page so the opt-in form is easy to see on your page. No matter where you subscriber is on the page they should be able to see the opt-in form. If you use a long style squeeze page, you will need more than one opt-in form on the page. Having multiple opt-in forms is good strategy if needed.

8) Everything in the wording on your page should be designed to build trust. Remember, if you are trying to build a relationship with your soon to be subscriber, you need to build trust first.

9) If you do use a graphic, keep it simple, relevant and not distracting. Some people like to use their photo on a squeeze page which can add credibility and trust.

10) Once your squeeze page is done, try a sample email through the entire process to make sure it works. Sadly, one time I set-up a campaign and got about 100 click to my page but no subscribers. Confused and my ego bruised, I checked my opt-in form and realized I made a typo in one of the last changes I made after I had tested it. The moral is to check it all out even after the slightest change.

11) Choose a quality autoresponder service that is known for a high rate of email deliverability and protects your from spam complaints.

Bonus Tip) I can't resist and need to add a bonus tip. Consider adding privacy policies, terms and contact information at the bottom of your page. The majority of your visitors will never look at this but its presence ads credibility and trust to the subconscious mind of your visitors.

Double Bonus Tip) Since you read the whole article, I am throwing in a double bonus tip for you. The tip is: Try, Test, Tweak also known as "Triple T". Regardless of what I tell you or anyone for that matter. Trying and Testing is the only way you will get real feedback on what works. I have had "experts" tell me one of my squeeze pages breaks all of the rules and I should change it, only to find it converts at a very high rate.
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