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How to Choose an Online Business Opportunity

Apr 7, 2008
Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs dig their way out of the rat race. The Internet has made it very feasible to build your own online business in the few hours a day you may have between the office and sleep. Technological advances, such as cellular phones and laptops with Internet capabilities, make it even easier.

Here's what you will need:

1. Common sense
2. Skepticism
3. Excellent research skills
4. A spreadsheet to make notes in (pen and paper will do)
5. At least four online forums or communities

Your common sense will help catch onto scams and schemes more easily. Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many scam artists prey on your emotions and tempt you with promises of big money. Let your common sense rule your emotions and temptations.

Maintain a good measure of skepticism when viewing online business plans and opportunities. You don't want to be so skeptical that you miss out on something good, but don't be gullible either. You can't fall for every potential opportunity out there. Common sense and skepticism go hand in hand.

You will need to thoroughly research every opportunity you consider. Common sense and skepticism will only take you so far. Some online businesses look very legitimate until you dig deeply and uncover the skeletons in their closet. Give your Internet searching abilities a real workout. You need to gather all the information possible before choosing the right opportunity.

Keep great notes that you can review again and again. Using a spreadsheet or word processing program is ideal, but of course pen and paper still work just as well. For every online business opportunity you consider, make notes with information you receive from your research. Using a spreadsheet or word processing program makes it very simple. You can copy and paste in the information you find. Then if you decide against a particular business opportunity, simply delete it. If you use pen and paper, it would be advisable to use separate sheets of paper for each opportunity you consider. It would be much easier to throw away one sheet of paper than mark out information for the ones you decide not to use.

Internet searches can take you only so far in your quest for that great business opportunity. You need a few more sets of eyes to look it over for you. That's where online communities come in handy. Before you even begin your search, join at least four online communities or forums. You can find an immeasurable wealth of information from other people who are also looking for online business opportunities.

Steps to finding an online business opportunity:

1. Look at your lifestyle and decide what you would like to do. If you don't enjoy your online business, you will not be successful with it. Always look for something enjoyable that you can make money with.
2. Make a list of all potential opportunities that catch your attention. Put your common sense, skepticism and research abilities to good use. Ask questions, take notes and always stay on your toes looking for new business ideas.
3. Don't buy in to a business impulsively. Many online business scams look for your weaknesses and prey on them. Do your research! Impulse buying and falling prey to temptation will not help you build your business.
4. Don't confuse an online business opportunity with a job. With a job, you can put in minimal effort and still get paid. With a business, you are solely responsible for the success or failure. If you plan a successful business, you will have a better chance at achieving that goal.
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