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College Students Making Money Online With Internet Marketing

Apr 7, 2008
With internet marketing gaining in popularity, more and more people are realizing that once you look past the plethora of scams and get-rich-quick schemes that glut the industry, anyone armed with the right information can use Internet Marketing to create a stable side income, work from home full time, or make a few extra bucks by working a couple of hours a week.

One segment of the workforce that can really benefit from Internet Marketing is students wanting to make some money to help them get through college without relying on loans or their family's money.

With Internet Marketing maturing and legitimate information becoming more widely available, the purveyors of the scams and shams are being pushed
aside by those offering real opportunities to make money online.

Students who are savvy enough to avoid the scams are finding that internet marketing is both easy and fun, and a great way to make money without having to resort to flipping burgers or tending bar.

Students are embracing Internet Marketing as a source of income because:

1. The hours are flexible, the work can be done at any time of day or night. The demand on an Internet Marketers time is set by the person themselves, not by an employer. If a student wishes to work 5 hours one week, and 20 the next, and 2 the following week, there is no restrictions.

2. The earning potential is virtually unlimited, and based only on how much time and effort the student wishes to put in. Some students may be happy to work 4 hours a week and make $100, while others may want to devote more time, and therefore make more cash.

3. The aspects some in the industry see as difficult, such as researching and article writing, are second nature to most students, and this aspect of the work is exponentially easier than writing a paper for school, something students do on a weekly basis.

4. The huge range of services available to promote through marketing techniques means students can promote products or services in line with their interests, and can reach the customer with more legitimacy than traditional marketers due to their genuine interest in the topics.

5. The most effective techniques in Internet Marketing, such as writing articles, blogging and building web pages are free to implement, so students can start earning with no initial investment.

6. Students are often more familiar with the new wave of marketing tools than the marketing gurus themselves. This is especially true of tools such as social networks (Myspace, Facebook) Blogging (Blogger, Wordpress) and social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon)

7. Internet Marketing is no longer a black art, the information needed to succeed at the various aspects of Internet Marketing is widely available, and many online communities exist to help marketers of all levels, from newbies to experts.

Students looking to create a real income working online should investigate Internet Marketing as a viable option for doing so. Avoid the scams and over-hyped products and seek out the real deal information, and you can create a real online job that will fit around your study schedule.
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