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7 Ways To Monetize Your Newsletter

Aug 17, 2007
If you have your own in-house list of subscribers who subscribe to your newsletter, then this newsletter should fulfill two main objectives. Firstly, it should provide valuable content to your subscribers, so that they actually look forward to receiving your newsletter (and stay subscribed), and secondly, unless you're writing for fun, it should produce an income for you as the writer of the newsletter.

This is the area I want to focus on in this article and listed below are seven methods that you can use to successfully monetize your newsletter or ezine.

1. Promote Products

This is the most obvious way - promoting your own products, and providing endorsements and recommendations of other products that you can earn affiliate commissions from. Try to promote a few products where you can earn either recurring commissions, for example monthly membership sites, web hosting etc, or products or programs that can earn you commissions on two or more levels through subaffiliates or downline members, to create long-term residual income streams. The one thing I will say about this though is that you should not overwhelm your subscribers with product endorsements and sales pitches, you should offer them good quality content as well, otherwise you will lose a lot of subscribers.

You can also promote products discreetly, even when providing content only, by including an affiliate link or two at the bottom of each newsletter, below your name.

2. Direct Your Subscribers To Monetized Content Pages Of Your Website

This is a great way of providing valuable content and earning money at the same time. I do this a lot with the articles I write. When I write articles and add them to my site, I simply let my subscribers know that I have written a new article and direct them to the website address. By running a few ads around these articles, such as those from Google or Yahoo, you should see a lot of people reading the article and inevitably clicking on a few ads. This is a great way of earning money even when you're not promoting anything.

3. Offer Rebrandable Reports To Your Subscribers

This is another indirect money earner where you can generate revenues from good quality free content. By seeking out quality reports or ebooks that can be rebranded to include your own affiliate links, you can then simply offer this report to your subscribers, providing valuable content, whilst at the same time earning money from your affiliate links within this report.

4. Promote Free Membership Sites That Have Backend Sales Or One-Time Offers

These are extremely common in the internet marketing field at the moment, although I think it's only a matter of time before internet marketers start to use them in other niches. Examples of these include free giveaway sites, where in exchange for leaving your name and email address, you receive numerous free products. A lot of these sites have one-time offers where you can receive an upgraded package, for example. Therefore you can earn money as an affiliate every time you send someone to this site who purchases this offer. The one drawback is that although you may be earning the occasional affiliate commission, you are sending your own subscribers to other sites and having them join up to other people's lists, increasing your competition.

5. Offer Paid Advertising In Your Newsletter

I would say you need at least a few thousand subscribers to go down this route otherwise you may struggle to attract any advertisers or attract any significant advertising revenue. It's not something I do myself (at the time of writing this article), as I believe I can make more money myself from my own ads than selling the ad space to other people, but it's still another option to consider.

6. Train Your Subscribers To Be Successful Affiliates And Promote Your Product(s)

This only really applies if you have your own product, but if you do it can be an extremely powerful way of generating a lot of additional sales. By constantly providing useful tips in your newsletter offering advice on how to generate significant affiliate commissions, both you and your subscribers will benefit enormously.

7. Offer One-On-One Coaching To Your Subscribers

This depends on the subject of your newsletter, and your authority as the newsletter publisher, but if you are considered an expert in your field then it's something worth considering. You could also offer this service free to people who purchase high-ticket items from you to boost your affiliate commissions.
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James Woolley is a successful marketer who has several money-making sites in various niches. His latest site is a free internet marketing resource guide, which also includes a newsletter filled with free tips and bonuses.
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