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SEO - Alchemy for the Internet

Apr 7, 2008
Let's face it, Google rewards unique content. The more unique the content, the better chance your website has of being ranked in the coveted top spot on Google's natural search results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Alchemy for the internet. SEO services are a trunk of tools, techniques and methods that modify how a search engine crawler ranks a page in its index of returns. Potions and elixirs take the form of SEO services and SEO technology that measure and modify how a site relates its content to a major search engine crawler.

For as long as the website has been part of the internet experience, there has been SEO technology to maximize page ranking. For as long as there has been SEO technology there has been a right way and a wrong way to deploy SEO services and technology.

SEO services fall into two of general categories. White hat services are good and promote a search engines primary goal of providing relevant results to search strings. Black hat SEO services are bad and utilize techniques that are contrary to a search engines primary goal and provide irrelevant results. When considering which to use keep in mind that a search engines success depends on a search engines ability to provide users with quality results. Search engines are optimized to detect bad SEO services for survival.

Good SEO services include core concepts that websites be "genetically" designed for search engines. This concept of a good service includes optimizing the basic structure, coding and content of the site so that search engine crawlers and indexers will naturally rank a page high. Bad services employ techniques like keyword stuffing and link farms to enhance their ratings. Using bad SEO technology can result in a search engine denying a sites placement if use of bad SEO technology is discovered.

Simply put, SEO technology that is deployed to simply get the attention of search engine crawlers will not be as effective as technology that is designed to get the attention of search engine users. It becomes a matter of choice between black hat and white hat techniques. White hat techniques are the good guys, target your SEO technology with the good guys and your site will fare much better with search engines in the long run.

Remember, that the ultimate goal here is to take full advantage of the best SEO tools, techniques and methods to optimize your website to drive traffic. Without the proper optimization you're website is just out there floating around in a "parked" position in cyberspace.
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