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How I Make $100 A Day Selling Tickets On Ebay...

Apr 7, 2008
I'm about to share the method that makes me, BY FAR, the most money online. It's so simple that you can make money right after reading this article...

I don't deal with inventory, online storefronts, answering millions of emails. I just buy tickets to popular events and sell them on Ebay for many times what I paid.

It's a lot easier to make quick money doing this than many think. Ebay even has a dedicated section for selling tickets at http://tickets.ebay.com

If you follow the steps outlined below YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

First of all, how does this work? If a concert is so popular, then how is it possible to get tickets that someone would be willing to pay 2x for a few days later? Well, the simple reason is that many people are impulse buyers and are willing to pay for that.

Think about the recent Hannah Montana concert in LA. If you waited for the second they went on sale (or pre-ordered - I'll show you how later), you could have gotten tickets for $65. But what about the father of two daughters who have been begging him to go to this concert for weeks and now it's sold out...what does he do? He buys them on Ebay from you for $300 a piece. It's that simple and believe me it works!

I know it seems too simple to work but there are SO MANY people out there in a similar situation that are willing to pay extra for getting 'sold out' tickets. The trick is - you just have to get to them first.

Now on to specifics....


This seems obvious but it's not. Obviously, you want to get tickets for the biggest shows but ALSO try to buy tickets to bands that are only playing 1 show in your area. If a band is hugely popular but playing 5 shows in your area tickets won't sell as quickly OR for as much. Also, keep in mind local bands. These can be the best sources of ticket revenue for you. For example,noone outside of Boston knows who the band Guster is, but their shows ALWAYS sell outbecause they are HUGELY popular in New England.


There are some super-popular events that are in huge venues. This is an important pointto consider. A concert at Madison Square Gardens - even if it is "sold out" - has a lothigher probability of there being tickets on ebay so you might not make as much money as if you were selling a 'sold out' concert at a much smaller venue.

Getting the ticket...The best way of actually getting tickets to these high-demand event is during 'presales'.Presales are not for the general public but only those people that have been givenaccess by someone with the presale password. This is meant for friends and family of people that work for the venue, etc.

However...it is possible to get these presale passwords....and this is the most important tip I'm about to share...

On fatwallet.com or talktix.com you can find these presale passwords...for free. Also, alot of timesyou can "sign up" to get presale passwords by calling your local radio station. OR the website of the band will have mailing lists you can join that will give you these codes.And, of course...you can get (and sell) presale passwords on Ebay (another easy source of income).

Fake "Sold Outs"

Alot of times ticketmaster will display an online message saying that tickets are sold out. 9/10 times this is FAKE. They call this "fake drops" and it's meant to create a sense of urgency around the event in hopes of selling tickets faster. Keep trying to get tickets and, like I said, 9 out of 10 times you'll get them.

In Conclusion...

If you follow these tips, you can make money RIGHT NOW selling tickets on Ebay. Heck, you can even sell the presale codes! So go make some money before the day is done...and check out auctions-traffic.com for a TON of FREE articles on making money...
About the Author
2 Years ago I was working 60 hours a week for a Fortune 500 company. I decided I would try everything to make enough passive income to leave the 'rat race' forever. Well, after trying alot of things that worked...and alot that didn't...I've done it. Check out http://www.auctions-traffic.com to learn how.
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