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3 Ways To Boost Your Online Success

Apr 7, 2008
When I first started online, I beleive that I had the same struggles as everyone else, but I quickly realized that those who were crying foul, or scam were the ones who just didnt listen or read when they bought. So many people get caught up in the make millions and forget about the how to part. I always make sure to follow up leads and gain someones trust before actually getting them to join. I could sell anyone on the idea of making a gazillion dollars, we all can. But what people need is the know how to do it. Prove to them you know what you are doing.

First of all, you need to know how to market, the marketing that works the best is different for everyone, just simply because one person excels at one aspect and fails at another. I guess its a good thing there are thousands of ways to market on the internet. Marketing will always be the most important part of earning online, because if you drive thousands to your site, someone will buy whether you sell them an idea or not. So traffic is number one.

Second is to not get discouraged, I know its hard, but you have to realize, with over 100 million active business seekers worldwide, you cannot ever stop or quit after you contact a handful of them. Stop taking the easy way out and crying out "SCAM". I am quite confident I could make money with any online program or business, so there is no reason you cannot. I have felt scammed online, but not from opportunities, but from advertisers that claimed the world, you know the type. If more than one person is making money from a business or program, it is not a scam, it may not be the one for you, but you have to accept that its you, not the program. You just were not a match. Thats why marketing is so important, get *IT* infront of as many people as posible and continue moving forward.

Third and most important, dont spend thousands of dollars on advertising without knowing what you are doing. Majority of the guaranteed clicks are people who are paid to look at websites. They are not going to buy. Second, pay per click doesnt work until you are in profit mode, just simply because its reverse marketers who are mostly clicking on them, the business' that want to do search engine optimization
of your site, or anyone who has a full time JOB searching for people to call and try to sell them their crap.

PPC are clicked on by other marketers who are wasting time ( not advertising ) and looking for good ideas. Let me put it this way, everyone has a great website, everyone has great product, ( i dont care what you think, Im the one making a fortune, not you ) The difference between making money online and quitters, is marketing, traffic. The difference between making money and being a top earner is ability to sell. Its that easy, so top wasting time, just drive traffic, 75% of your time, you will get opt-ins, you will get sign ups. 25% of your time should be communicating. So advertise, call the leads and then keep moving forward. P.S. The fortune is in the follow up.
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