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BioGenx: A Review of the BioGenx Global Compensation Plan

Apr 7, 2008
BioGenx is a new (think 2008) network marketing company that promises great products and an incredible compensation plan. Is it worth looking at? Is it just another get-rich scheme or does it actually hold some value?

The Focus of BioGenx Global

I've reviewed quite a bit of information about BioGenx as well as had others research the company and it's compensation plan as well. Unlike other companies who offer home-based businesses, BioGenx actually is built to help the "little guy" make money. It is a community effort company where everyone actually helps everyone.

Does It Cost a Lot to Get Started?

Every person who joins BioGenx Global makes a monthly autoship order of at least $60 for a month's supply of one product plus $8.95 for shipping and handling. It only takes enrolling one other person besides yourself on autoship to qualify you to make back your $60. No other company offers such an easy way to get your monthly product free!

Being qualified for $60 per month doesn't mean you will automatically make that every month. You have nine positions in your matrix to be filled before you actually will get a full $60 per month. Those positions however do not need to be filled personally by you or your enrollee. Others in the company will help fill those spots! When all nine are filled, you'll get a sweet $60 payment every month and your product will be free! How cool is that?!

Nothing like getting your monthly autoship product for free once you have another personally sponsored person on autoship! That's awesome!

Will it Take Months and Months to Get Any Money Coming In?

This company is growing like leaps and bounds. It's highly, very highly likely that you won't have to wait much more than a month or two for your 9 places to be filled. (And that's a very conservative estimate).

Because of the speed of growth, it seems the sooner you get into the company and get a position, the sooner your nine matrix positions will be filled. Everyone will be working like made to make lots, so the matrix is going to be filling up quite quickly.

Does BioGenx Pay Enough to Make It Worth the Effort? (What effort? This is easy!)

The compensation plan is so lucrative, it could warp your mind. So I'll not talk about the millions you could make. Instead, consider this simple fact. With 3 personally sponsored people getting an incredible product at $60 per month autoship, you are qualified to make $1140 each and every month. I know that simple figure alone seems to easy to be true. But I've run the math and it does calculate.

Your matrix (or downline - although it's configured differently than other network marketing plans) must be filled to 81 people in order for you to get the $1140 per month check. Eighty-one may sound like a big number, but the people joining are motivated and it's very likely that in 1-3 months, your $1140 per month check could be coming to you.

Is There Any Fine Print?

Patience. That's the final word. In a company that is growing as fast as BioGenx, there's no room for people who simply have to have everything right now. I believe logistically they're going to be having a hard time keeping up with the growth. If you can't be patient with BioGenx, wait until 2009 or later to join.

Fast growth has tremendous benefits to those looking to make money quickly. However, it's only for the adaptable and forgiving. Consider the type of person you are and make your decision wisely.
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