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Earn Extra Income Before You Need It

Apr 7, 2008
As the old saying goes - Life comes at you fast! We are all face with occasional challenges which almost always involve needing extra money. Statistics show that commutes are getting longer, people are taking less vacations, and many work extended hours without extra pay. This makes it very hard to find the time or the energy to bring an extra income into the house. However, life is not going to stop coming and you need to find a way to be prepared for it when it gets there.

What a Hassle!
Right now your thoughts about earning extra income fall into one of three categories.

Category One: I am already juggling work, home, kids, church, and a spouse. I do not have time for this! It is just too much of a hassle. I will somehow make do with what I have.

Category Two: Even if I do find a second job it is not going to pay that well and I am not giving up my social life for a few lousy bucks. My friends and my fun are just too important to me to spend all my time at a lousy second job.

Category Three: I am tired of the stress of always being under the gun and am ready to find a way to get ahead. I know it is going to take some sacrifice but I don't want to jump every time the phone rings because it might be a bill collector and I would like to take my family on a real vacation. Somebody show me a way out of this mess!

Categories one and two can stop reading now and come back if the pain gets greater. Category three read on! You are ready to take the first step to change your life, and this article can get you on the right track.

Lots of Alternatives
In a lot of ways our friends in category two are right. Working a traditional second job usually will not pay that well and may indeed be more hassle than it is worth. You need to find a way to get extra income without becoming a slave to a retail store or fast food joint.

The best alternative is to find a way to work at home while creating extra income. I know what you are thinking. I don't want to stuff envelopes or make sales calls. Don't worry! There are thousands of ways that you can make good money at home. The key is to find the one that is right for you.

Building a Nest Egg Takes Time
The old saying goes, Fix your roof while the sun is shining. Easier said than done, right? It is hard to think about the tough times when things are going good. The reason payday loan sharks are able to charge such high fees is because people just are not able to get any money put away, they get hit with a bad event, and have no other way out but to pay the outrageous fees that will give them some temporary relief.

Start Looking Now
There are thousands of opportunities on the Internet to make extra money including work at home jobs, online business opportunities, affiliate marketing, writing, etc. If the sun is shining for you now, you need to get going. If the rain is pouring you really need to get going. If you think about it, even a little bit of extra income can make a big difference.

How would you like to have enough money to cover your electric bill every month, or be able to fill your gas tank all the way to the top. Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself to start looking for that source of extra income. Take the first step. It costs absolutely nothing to look and you will be glad you did.
About the Author
Peter Francis is a business consultant, an author, and the founder of IncomeSrch.com an online opportunity directory. For a free checklist to help you evaluate online and work at home opportunities visit Opportunity Checklist and look for the link at the bottom of the page. Visit IncomeSrch at http//:www.incomesrch.com
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