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What They Don't Tell You About Making Money Online

Apr 7, 2008
I've purchased many Get Rich Quick or How-to-Make-Money Online eBooks and courses and while most of them had great ideas, none contained a detailed step-by-step plan of action telling me exactly how to turn those ideas into a profit. I'm sure you have heard this saying before, "The best way to make a million dollars is by telling other people how to make a million dollars." The reality is most owners of these courses are making the "real" money from selling the course to you, not from actually doing what they tell you to do inside the course.

While it's perfectly acceptable to tell other people how to make money online, the problem is most make money online courses teach you a system to make money that simply doesn't work. Or the course may teach you a way to make money, but the return on your investment of time and money to follow what they tell you to do in the course is simply not worth it. Another way the owners of the courses try to take your money is by trying to sell you products within the course itself.

The typical scenario is, you buy the course and then realize there are other things you need to buy in order to follow the plan laid out in the course. Before you know it, you've spent hundreds of dollars following a plan that was doomed to fail from the start and meanwhile the owner of the course is laughing all the way to the bank.

On a positive note, you may buy a make money online course that teaches you a few things you didn't know before. Sometimes having a little more knowledge or having that one piece of the puzzle can help grow your business tremendously and earn thousands of dollars in the process.

The problem is and what I consider a reality, very few people if anyone is going to show you their profitable products so you can be their competition. Matter of fact, most will be as vague as they can possibly get away with.

How many times have you read: Go find a product that is in demand, set up an affiliate link or website, post in forums and you will start making sales in no time!

Sorry to break the news to you, it's not always that easy!

Especially with people new to the problems that go along with making money online. It makes you wonder if they have forgot what it's like to have little to no experience with making money online. People need to be shown exactly what product to sell. They need to know a good example of a sales letter they can use for that product and then they need to know how to get other people to see what they have to offer.

How many make money online courses do you think are actually going to reveal that information to you? Do you actually think the owner of that product is going to reveal one of his profitable products so you can copy him? Some may reveal that information, but I guarantee most would be tight-lipped if you tried to get those secrets out in the open.
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