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Tanning salons are frequented by men also

Apr 8, 2008
Tanning salons are for men too so don't be surprised when you see them coming and going from such businesses. While they are still the minority there is definitely room for their numbers to continue increasing. Many men want to have a nice color before they hit the beach or go to a pool party over the summer.

There are plenty of men that are too shy to show there bodies out there at the beach or the swimming pool. Yet they really want their body to look nice for a girl that is special to them. Others just don't have the amount of time in their day that it takes to get a tan from natural sunlight. Regardless of the reason, tanning is a great choice for men of all ages to take part in.

There are several ways you can do this and it is important for all of your staff to understand the importance. Never comment about the few men that come in for tanning as it can make them feel out of place. Try to keep the dcor neutral when it comes to gender. There are enough choices out there that this really shouldn't be anything difficult to accomplish.

Think about the various products that you offer at your tanning salon. You want to offer a full line of them that are specially made for men. If they are looking at bronzers and accelerators that are all just for women they are going to feel like an outcast in your tanning facility. You will also lose out on potential sales as they won't be investing in such products.

If you want to interest more men in coming into the tanning salon, you can also gear your advertisements in that direction. Chances are the men that see such ads will really take an interest in them. You can offer them a discounted price on their first month of service as well.

Many wives and girlfriends turn their men on to going to a tanning salon as well. You may want to offer a package for them to enjoy together. Gift cards should be encouraged as well for men. If you market this information inside of the tanning salon you can be sure several women will be turned on to the idea.

Not all men tan for the color though. Many of them use it to help control their acne or due to various skin conditions. Generally they are referred by their doctor to spend more time in the sun. Yet the decide to cut corners and get the job done at the tanning salon. Men can suffer from winter time blues too so tanning helps them stay happy.

It is estimated that the number of men tanning at salons will increase by 15% in the next three years. As the owner of such a business this is important information to be paying attention to. These men are going to choose a facility out there and you should be doing all you can to make sure it is yours.
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Betty P Davis writes about the ins and outs of the tanning salon business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they open up a tanning salon
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