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Laptops Get Upgrades For Gamers Who Stay Mobile

Apr 8, 2008
We all know that the common stereotype among PC gamers is that they never leave the house. Now this is probably true for some- but everyone has to go outside at some point in time. And when that happens, PC gamers should be able to take their gaming experience with them! But are laptops ready for the demand today's PC games put on system requirements?

Laptops Get Gaming Upgrades

Thanks to the technology unveiled in recent years, gamers are now getting higher performance in smaller packages. This has enabled the manufacturing industry to offer better performing laptops at cheaper prices.

Processors are now sporting Duo-Core technology, which is a fancy phrase for the use of two processors. This allows for more processing to be done in a multitasking environment- meaning smaller clock rates on processors are needed, which in turn produces less heat. (And as laptop owners know, heat will destroy a laptop quicker than anything)

Next in line we have hard drives, which have seen less innovation in the laptop industry. Hard drives are still remaining in the 5,200 RPM areas, as compared to the 7,200 RPM that most desktop computers can enjoy. This means less performance, but because of heat and space issues, laptop owners usually just have to deal with this flaw in laptop gaming.

Next we have the graphics card. The graphics card is what renders all the guns, ammo, enemies, and graphics that you will interact with on your laptop. Obviously this is a rather important component, and thus, it should be of good quality. Sadly, the latest and greatest in graphics cards aren't available in mini formats yet- although good mobile graphics cards can still be had.

Pitfalls In Laptop Gaming

One of the biggest flaws that gamers will notice is battery life. PC gaming laptops will typically drain a laptop in just a couple of hours, depending on the performance and options. This is compared to normal laptops that can often get 10 hours of battery life without problem. PC gamers on laptops can carry a charger with them- but this will help heat up the laptop and require more cooling.

Next, gaming laptops are rather small and provide poor mouse support. A laptop gamer will find that playing games on a touchpad just isn't worth the effort. Carrying a USB mouse around can work in most situations, but it's a hassle and finding a good place to put the mouse may pose as a problem.

Closing Arguements

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular as society shifts towards the gaming culture that is has been becoming over the past few decades. Keep in mind that if you value the life of your laptop, you should only buy from manufacturers that have great reviews. Also be sure to buy a cooling pad or extra fan to help extend the life of your investment.
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