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Web Hosting Your Tool To Reach Out

Apr 8, 2008
If you have a website or a home page and you feel it is critical to your business and that it should be hosted on the World Wide Web then you have to search for a web hosting service.

You need to rely on a web host with years of experience in order to meet your needs and in order to keep things running almost 24 hours a day.

Basically, the Internet is car parking and web hosting is the car parking space. It is the space on the net where you'll have to park your home page, which will be later displayed in that space so that others can see it.

All the pages of your site/post are stored on a server and it makes them accessible to the Internet. Your HTML document domain is linked to an IP address of a specific computer. When someone types your domain into their browser, the IP is located and your post is loaded from your homepage host.

In online marketing the first thing you need to decide is what type of page presentation you would need for your business. There are different types of them available in the market.

If you go for the free one you will have banners on top of all the pages of your post. There will be limit in customizing the post. People usually don't prefer such plans because of advertisements placed on the top of every page.

Other ways of presentation would be through 'Shared Hosting', which many Internet users commonly use. It is useful for small businesses, as they don't require much frequency for their sites. Even in shared presentation the options offered by the host are very limited.

In 'Dedicated Hosting' you have much more room to grow your business. Here, you don't have to worry about the frequency used by your post because you have to pay good amount of dollars for to use it.

You can have as many sites as you want on the same server and the server can handle large amount of traffic to your HTML document.

Most of the net users know about the variety of plans available but the most difficult task is choosing the best presentation platform in the market. To find the best home for your HTML documents you have to go as per your budget and needs.

You are likely to get confused as there are lots of plans on the net providing same services. So there are few important things, which shall be kept in mind before choosing a presentation platform.

1. Find out how much disk space you need. Most home pages require less than 60 megabytes, but if you have images, videos and audios in your home page, you might require more space for your layout.

2. Before going for a plan, determine how much bandwidth your website can use or determine your data transfer needs. Data transfer refers to the amount of data a web host allows your site visitors to access per month.

You will be charged more or your HTML document will be shut down if you exceed your bandwidth. Therefore you have to carefully determine the bandwidth used by your site and then choose the anchoring plan.

Having multiple domains is a good idea but make sure that the platform you have chosen allows you to have multiple domains on their anchoring service.

3. Make sure that the language used for your homepage is supported by the anchoring service whether it is PHP or ASP otherwise it will not function properly.

4. "Get It Right The First Time", if you make a wrong decision while choosing the right plan you can't even think of the damage that will be done to your business.

You have to consider the speed and reliability of the service taken, the different features offered by them and the quality of their support service. If you get money back guarantee then that would be an advantage.

5. Do a detailed research on the plans available on Internet. Once you are confident about the presenting company then only sign up.

There are numerous companies who would compete to grab your money. They come up with lot of ways to convince the customers.

Some great ways to save your money while choosing the affordable deals are:

1. Look for free domain name registration: you can easily find companies offering cheap anchoring who will not charge for domain name registration.

They will give you everything in one shot and helps in saving money as well as your precious time.

2. Multiple domain presenting: It is another better way to save money. There are many hosting companies that allow you to host more than one homepage on one hosting plan.

You can register as many domains as you want and can use the place of same presenting plan for all of your domains. This can be of use for those who run different sites at the same time.

3. Look for forums: There can be many special offers which are not available on hosting websites but you can reach them on forums.

4. Remove the features you don't want: Sometimes companies provide you with some extra features like extra bandwidth or some software. But if your site doesn't need that extra bandwidth you can exchange that feature with some extra RAM or CPU power.

5. You can ask for free upgrades: Normally such companies are open to negotiations. Instead for asking a discount you can ask for free upgrades.

6. Long term discounts: When you choose long term anchoring you usually obtain 10-15% off. You get discount on bulk order.

7. Last but not the least, you can go for best packages available as per your needs where you can get 10-15 MBs free storage place with monthly packages.

To conclude I would like to say "Whatever you do just monitor your website everyday" and it is really essential to know that your site is up.
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