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The Greatest Marketing Secret For Every Business In The World

Apr 8, 2008
Does it matter whether your company finalizes any successful transactions today? It should matter. Money today is always more important than the promise of money tomorrow. Businesses that appreciate this essential truth do well and those that do not will fail. There is nothing more to it!

Having said this, it begs the question: how do you get money today?
It is worthwhile facing up to the reality that the overwhelming majority of your clients could survive very well without patronizing your business today. Unless you are supplying an item which can saves lives, your customers could probably do without what you have to offer. This reality is a huge threat to your business success and profits.

First, you recognize that the overwhelming majority of your customers probably could get along quite nicely without buying your product today. Unless you sell an item of life-or-death significance, your customers could probably postpone action. This, of course, could fatal to your own business success and profits.

It amounts to this: You need customers to act and buy today, not tomorrow.
This reality puts a whole different spin on advertising and promotion. You have to do what's necessary to motivate people who don't have to buy to feel that they urgently do need to buy today, immediately, without delay!
This is where the limited time offer comes into its own.

If you understand the huge significance of offers and integrate them into all your marketing, you will be assured of constant excellent profits.

Let us define a limited time offer. It is a motivating sales proposition giving the client greatly enhanced value for money within a defined period. Here's a good example: subscribe by the end of May and get 33% off!

Clever marketers know that the goal is to sell the customer the offer. It has to be irresistible because once the customer has decided he wants the offer, they have to act in order to take advantage of it.

There are a hundred ways to make special offers. Keep a file of all the different types. Then when you are drawing up your marketing strategy you can refer to these and adapt a couple for your business and situation.

Some marketers go so far as to say that every marketing communication should have a limited time offer connected with it. They are actually claiming that no marketing communication whatsoever not advertisements, business cards, brochures, emails, anything that a customer will see, should fail to have an offer. And don't be subtle about it either. It must really be an in-your-face call to action offer prominently positioned, colorful and graphic.

Accept that your customers are overloaded with things and mostly don't really need to act today to acquire more. That's why they have to have to be motivated to take immediate action. Focus on developing and using special offers right across the board. The day you stop using offers will be a sad day for your business.
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