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Viral Marketing System Without Your Own Product

Apr 8, 2008
Many people wanted to start an online business but does not know where to start. You may heard of some success stories people making tons of money online. This article will show you a little known secret how do they start.

Well there are a couple of inside tips that you should know and a place to go for direction.

First thing is viral marketing. Why viral marketing is the most important to grow your online business? All of the methods like pay per click, SEO and keyword optimization are helpful, BUT good old word of mouth cannot be beat.

Viral marketing is based on the known fact that a person will tell at least three people about a product or service that they like. But what happen if they don't like your products, they will spread that information to a large audience. So it spread like a virus, right?

By nature, a virus replicate itself over and over again. This article is not talking about computer virus but about the virus to spread your product like crazy, so keep reading! This is a fundamental about virus marketing.

Now you know about the concept of virus marketing, so how to implement it? Make them happy with your products or service, the give them a reason to tell others.

This leads into another critical aspect of building your business and that is finding new prospects. Just as you must constantly get your existing customers to tell other people about you, you also have to keep a fresh flow of new prospective customers coming in. This is where the use of established social networking sites comes in handy.

Social sites like MySpace, FaceBook can get a plethora of new prospects for free. You should have some offer for free to lead your prospects to that page. On that page, you should have testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust and integrity.

How will you get your prospects for your free offer? Just place a small form asking for fist name and email address. The prospects can only get the free offer after sign up to your form, and from this leads, you can offer your up-sell or down-sell sequence.

That is too simple. If you have some free ebooks, softwares or stuffs to give away, you can instantly create your own online business empire. And now you can ready to go with highly sophisticated built-in system allow you just to make a ready make product to give away with your own affiliate link on it. No need to have your own website or product.

The site offers not only helpful tips and hints, but also provides a rebrandable product that you can sell to make money. Rebrandable means you can add your own information to it, call it your own and sell it keeping ALL the profit.

You have everything from the product to the advertising needed to the methods used by successful professionals all over the world. What better way to learn than from somebody who knows what works, right?
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