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How Drop Shipping Really Works - Dropshipping What Is It

Apr 8, 2008
Do you know how to do it? I know exactly how it works ...

Drop shipping can be an easy way to get started selling online. Since the manufacturer or distributor takes care of warehousing and shipping, you'll be able to concentrate your efforts on building your site and marketing your products. And this is what most entrepreneurs are good at.

When searching for a product to drop ship, don't spend money on "drop shipping directories." Think about it: Not only is their information frequently out of date, but everyone who buys these lists will be contacting the same companies, which means more competition for the products you'll be selling.

And choose your products carefully:

1. Make sure there aren't already hundreds of sites selling the same thing at prices you can't afford to compete with.

2. Choose products that target a "niche" market rather than "everyone." You'll always be more successful with this strategy.

3. Ask yourself: Is this a product I would buy myself?

Most important, remember that drop shipping isn't a magic formula that will make you rich. Building a business always takes a certain amount of elbow grease. The real "magic" is that drop shipping allows you to invest your money in marketing rather than inventory, and a well-planned marketing strategy is what will ultimately help you build a lucrative online income.
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