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ABC's of internet marketing using Key Words

Apr 8, 2008
One of the most important things about making your website successful is understanding how to stick out from all the other millions of sites on the internet and how people will find you.

It doesn't matter if this is your first or 50th day on the internet you will most probably know about search engines. These search engines google and yahoo etc, started small and are now valued at more than many real businesses.

While using search engines is easy, simply go to the site and type what you want and click enter. But what's the secret to Making your website Successful. Well that's a great question and the answer is Keywords.

The truth is while search engines are complex and they make it look easy, they break your website down to words. So if you write about salted peanuts on your site and mention that term 6 time you will rank higher than a site that mentions it once.

Key Word Really Work.

This type of writing will definitely help you rank for you required terms, for example if someone searches freeze dried Jamaican coffee and you mention it 5 times on your sale page than you will fight your way up on the search results.

The real skill here is using your keywords so that they make sense in sentences . The first reason is search engines a getting really good at finding people cheating and search engines aren't your main goal you want customers.

You Want People TO !

So before you go out and spam your page with key word remember people buy, search engines search. So remember when using keyword use them sensibly and naturally and it should be no time before you start to see a difference.

A very good investment of your time is learning search engine marketing, you don't want to build a site then have to redo your hard work. The truth is you can have the cheapest and best product but you wont sell a single one unless you get your site found with Easy Website SEO.
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