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7 Points To Establish Rapport With Your Insurance Clients

Apr 8, 2008
The key to a successful career as an insurance agent is building rapport with your customer. It is more than just a casual "Hey, how's it going?" each time you see them. It's okay to ask them how they are doing, but really listen to the answer. Are they doing okay? Just okay? What's going on? How can I help?

Building rapport before you begin selling is the easiest way to close sales. You cannot lead a client unless you are in rapport with them. You have to connect with the client first in order to gain their trust.

Here are seven things you can do to build rapport before closing the sale:

1. Make small statements of fact that you can both agree upon to open your meeting. This establishes a commonality between you and the client that allows trust to develop. This then sets the stage for being in rapport with your client so that you can then lead.

2. Say something new. Never let your client be thinking, I've heard all that before. If you can't market or offer your product or services in a fresh and innovative way, don't bother to offer it at all. You stand out from the crowd when you grab your clients' attention.

3. Match the clients' tone of voice and speech patterns and posture without being overt. This establishes commonality. People like people who are like themselves. Meet the client at their level, with no barriers to communication.

4. When making a compliment, find the underlying characteristic that is related to the selling process. For instance, you pull up to a client's home where the yard is immaculate. You might say, "From your well manicured yard I noticed you appear to be someone who is precise and knows what you want," as opposed to saying "hey nice yard.". This helps you connect your client to the sale later by establishing what might have piqued their interest in the first place.

5. Set yourself apart. Determine unique ways to appeal to your customers and meet their needs, even if it means being completely authentic. That's something we should all strive for anyway.

6. Respect the client's time. Give them time to think and breathe before moving to the next point. You must sense that your client is flowing with you and that you are not selling them by talking too much, causing their eyes to start glazing over.

7. Don't become lax once the sale seems imminent. If things look good, don't become overeager and forget yourself.
Beware of things that can be barriers to rapport. For example, amateur salespeople often make the mistake of thinking other people have the same view of the world as they do. This is wrong, of course; all people view the world differently. Understand how your prospect views the world. How do you do this? By asking questions, by knowing what is going on in the world, being up on the latest news and current events and being able to speak on many different items of interest. Knowing a little about a lot is better than knowing a lot about a little.

Rapport building is not just a matter of showering the client with useless compliments either. Pay attention to your client's lifestyle, their home and possessions, as well as what they say. Ask them about themselves, and show sincere interest in their passions. By doing this, you can blend into their life smoothly and earn their trust. With these tips you can achieve a higher level of positive client outcomes in the insurance business
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