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Internet Article Marketing and How To Increase Your Traffic

Apr 8, 2008
Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia defines 'article marketing' as "a type of advertising through which a business writes short articles related to its respective industry."

Internet article marketing works very well. Did you ever think about why there have been a lot of article directories appearing everywhere on the internet for the past year? Internet article marketing is a wonderful way to get lots of interested traffic to your blog or website. By using articles to market your site, you'll save lots of money by not having to spend money on advertising services.

If you've chosen a competitive niche, your advertising dollars can begin to mount very quickly. Your accountant may tell you that you have a negative return on your investment. You can easily avoid this with internet article marketing.

By using article marketing, you can become a known expert in your particular niche(s).

Internet article marketing builds many incoming back-links to your website which will benefit you with lots more targeted visitors in the long run.

Internet Article Marketing - How Does it Work?

As you know, the world wide web is made up of many websites. These sites all contain content. People search for content about a specific subject. They find the information by using a search engine. What search engines do is 'spider' or 'crawl' the internet visiting each page. They take this content and index it using the descriptions and keywords found on the page.

The search engines are able to give you the best information possible by carefully indexing and cataloging what they find by using the information that they discovered when they were crawling the internet. The information that they provide to you has to closely relate to the search term that you used as well as be accurate. When written well, articles are considered a very good source of information.

For websites to keep visitors returning to their websites, a webmaster has to give their visitors accurate, interesting and timely information. This aspect is crucial for someone who maintains a daily blog. If the blogger wants to climb high and remain there in the search results for his given niche, he has to make posts to his blog every day.

As I'm sure you are aware, you need to post everyday to your website, and this can gobble up alot of your valuable time. As a webmaster, you can supplement the content on your site with quality, well-written articles authored by other people. The only requirement is that you leave the author's resource box intact including keeping the links live if that is how they were when you retrieved the article from the article directory.

Tell Me What An Article Directory Is

An article directory is composed of a big database of articles about a variety of subjects in a variety of categories. People who write articles are encouraged to submit their articles there. Webmasters, that's usually you- are able to gather free articles for posting on their own websites as long as they credit the original author by leaving the resource box intact including the author's links. Article directories hold alot of information about almost any subject that you can think up. There are probably some subjects that you probably haven't even thought of that you could find there.

There are specialized article directories which only accept articles that are written about certain niches such as internet marketing, women's health issues, or even computer technology. The only thing that you need to do is read their submission rules and find out what is allowed and what isn't. Most of the large article sites allow you to submit your article on most any subject as long as it doesn't promote violence or hate speech and other things like that. It's always up to the website owner what he or she permits. They have the final word.

What Do I Get Back For Giving the Articles that I've Written to an Article Directory?

Following the last paragraph, there is a place where the author can place his resource box. This usually contains one or two sentences about the author and invites the reader to visit his or her website for more information beyond the article.

You'll gain many benefits from submitting your article to article directories. You will get lots of free exposure and free marketing from it.

Research Is Vital

Like any facet of marketing, internet article marketing is no different. You just have to research the subjects of your articles. You can do this research by simply looking at and visiting and reading forums which center around your subject. Pay attention to what people are "talking about". Now that you have chosen your topic, or probably several of them to write about, it shouldn't be too hard to be able to write an article which is between 250-750 words.

Ok, Now That I've Written My Article, What Next?

First thing to do is to post your article on your website or blog. Wait a couple of weeks to a month until your article has been indexed in the search engines. You'll be able to tell by searching for your article title in quotation marks. After you find it, it's alright to submit it to the article directories. This is the way to do it in order to minimize chances of any duplicate content penalties.

Are you Serious? Wait A Month?

Well, there is one new method of writing and submitting your article(s) to your own blog as well as about 700+ different article directories whereby each article directory will get a unique version of your article virtually eliminating any worries of duplicate content. It's called Unique Article Wizard and it's so secret right now that I can't even tell you about it here because I signed a confidentiality agreement. If you'd like more information about it, please check below in my resource box to learn more.
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