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Struggling To Figure Out What To Sell On Ebay?

Apr 8, 2008
So you are stuck for ideas and don't know what to sell on Ebay? I feel you and can totally understand the frustration when you just can't figure out what to sell. You see these mega powersellers with massive feedback and you wonder to yourself, where on earth do these people get the ideas from? I know one area on Ebay that can give you some excellent ideas of what people are looking for and if you use this to your advantage then I can assure you that you can come up with a few profitable lines.

I am sure you have heard about the want it now section on Ebay? If you haven't then let me tell you what it is and how you can make good use of this section.

The want it now section was introduced by Ebay so that people could post a small advert asking for stuff that they are ready to buy but are not able to find on the main site or the stuff that is available is not the right spec for them. Subsequently, if any seller has got what the buyer is asking for then they respond to the message by giving details of the listing that they have going.

From a seller's point of view this is an ideal place to get ideas. Think about it for a second, buyers are telling you what they want! If you can get it from somewhere and give it to them then you have got a profitable niche. Now the question is how do you spot something amongst soo many posts, good question, there are 2 ways you can do this. The first is to manually read the posts and see if you can spot a recurring post of something buyers want, the second is to copy all the posts into an excel spreadsheet including the responses and sort the column in alphabetical order, and then use the find function to search for keywords and try and establish something buyers are looking for.

The reason why you need to copy the responses as well is because you don't really want to get involved with a product that already is very competitive. By looking at the responses you can tell how much competition there is, so ideally you are looking for a post which has not received any replies implying that supply is low hence potential profits can be made.

I just went on the want it now section of Ebay.com and there are 114,630 posts by buyers who are looking for things and are waiting for people to respond to them. With such a large volume of posts I am sure you will be able to spot a trend or two.

The only thing to be weary of is that this process can take a lot of time and it may also be possible that you don't spot any trends after reviewing all the posts the first time and you may have to keep on going back until you find something. But it does make sense to use this section when looking for things to sell on Ebay.
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