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The Right Mindset Leads to a Successful Home Based Business

Apr 8, 2008
Having the right mindset will allow you to be successful in many areas of your life, but it is crucial to the success of a home based business. You must maintain a positive mental attitude at all times and understand how the Law of Attraction can work for you or against you. When you start a home based business all responsibility lies within you. There is no room for excuses.

The right mindset starts with a positive mental attitude. Do you see the glass half empty or half full? If you see the glass half full then chances are you are an optimistic person. If you see the glass half empty then your mindset most likely tends toward the negative. Negativity usually stems from a lack of confidence or self esteem. Negative people do not believe in themselves and often feel or say, Nothing works out for me! Does this sound like something you have said recently?

The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that what you think about comes about. When you think about things that you desire you send a vibration out into the universe like a radio transmitter and set into motion the actions that must happen in order for you to receive what you desire.

For example, if you think about money flowing easily into your business you will find that windows of opportunity seem to magically open and money flows easily in. On the other hand, if you think your business is not making enough money, you will find that sales are slow and you have to make every dollar stretch. The trick is even in times when sales may be slow to keep your focus on the abundance of money flowing in. Visualize the feeling it would give you if money were flowing easily in. Feels good right? Soon you will be consumed with solutions to your problem of slow sales because you are thinking about what you want instead of what you do not want. Focus on the solution, not the problem. You have to exercise your mind to consciously think positively about what you want, seems simple but is easier said than done.

One exercise I put into practice that has had a tremendous positive effect on my mental attitude and subsequently in my home based business is writing affirmations. Writing an affirmation begins with having a clear goal in mind. Write the goal on paper. For example, I will earn a five figure income in thirty days. Feel free to list as many goals as you have or concentrate on just a few. Then write the goal in the present. I am now earning a five figure income in thirty days. Now that you have worded your goal as something that is currently happening you are beginning to attract the very thing that you desire.

Writing affirmations will help you visualize yourself reaching your goals. Affirmations will also help you maintain a positive mental attitude because your focus will be on the things you desire to attract into your life, instead of on the lack in your life. Keep a positive mental attitude and goals stated as believable affirmations as you consider opportunities and start a home based business. You will find that you have paved a pathway to success.
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