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Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings In A Matter Of Days

Apr 8, 2008
Many webmasters out there are making fairly substantial amounts of money from Google AdSense. But there is a good chance that they are not using the most effective methods of maximising their earnings. I am not referring to on-page optimisation of the ads placement. I will just assume that you have identified the best possible location for your ads already. However, there is a much simpler way of increasing your AdSense earnings by 5% - 20%. The key is to know that the very first Google AdSense block on your page carries the ads with the highest payout. These are the ads that will earn you the most money when a visitor decides to click on them. To make the most out of your AdSense ads, making sure your first ads are in the best possible position should be your main priority.

You will have to identify which AdSense ad block of yours is giving you the highest pay out and which ad block has the highest click-thru rate (CTR). If the two ad blocks are the same, then you are already in an optimal position and can begin to implement the other pieces. But chances are high that they will not be the same blocks and it's there where you must make the necessary adjustments. So let's begin. Use a separate channel in Google AdSense and monitor them for a day or two in order to build up solid data to later work with. If you're currently using all your allowable AdSense channels, then swap some around. You will only need to use these channels for no more than a possible week.

With the data in your hand, you should be able to deduce that ad #1 is achieving the highest CTR and ad #2 is giving you the highest payout. Make sure you compare both CTRs to enable you to make a better informed decision. So let's assume that your current scenario matches this example. Your next objective would be to make the necessary changes to your page/template in order to make ad #1 load up first when the page is visited. Again, it's important to note that Google distributes ads on a first come, first serve basis. So the AdSense block that the Google Bot sees first on your page, is the one that will advertise the most expensive ads. If you know a thing or two about html and CSS, then you will probably be aware of the fact that this is not necessarily the ad at the top of your page (but more to do with your table layout). Review your code if needed to make all necessary adjustments. CSS can also be a good way of positioning things around so that the most popular ad block has the highest payout.

In one cases when I put the information I described above to use, I was able to obtain a 15%+ improvement in my AdSense earnings. The work involved took no more than 30 minutes to deploy if you exclude the data gathering process. Easy money indeed!
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