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How To Create A Good Domain Name Which Will Get You Traffic

Apr 8, 2008
If you are looking for a domain name for a new site, here are some tips to help you. These are based on my own experiences, and for reasons outlined below, these tips for choosing a good domain name, will actually help you to get traffic to your new site.

First, try to describe your site in a couple of sentences. It may help you to write the sentences down.

Try to focus on what is essential about the site. Look at all the 'key' words that describe it from within those sentences. Using one key word, or a combination of them, construct a set of six to ten potential domain names that convey accurately what your site is going to be about.

When you have made this list of potential domain names, read them all out loud. One name will probably sound better than all the others.

Go to a browser and check to see if the .com version of the domain is taken, by typing it in to the address field. If it isn't you are in luck, and can register it. If it is already taken, try the other domain suffixes, like .net or .biz. Or you may need to be clever with hyphenation to get the name you want.

Let us assume you have followed this method, and have a good, relevant domain name which sounds good when read out loud. What is the benefit of using this method to choose a new domain name?

Those who make a living from search engine optimization say that having keywords in the domain name will not help you to be ranked well for those keywords. You cannot trick the search engines this way any more. In other words, a 'generic' or meaningless name like buteland.com is just as good as a domain stuffed with keywords for ranking purposes.

So what's the point of my method of choosing a domain name using relevant keywords?

The reason for using this method is obvious if you think ahead to the days, not so far away, when your site will appear in the search engine listings. (Assuming you have created good, relevant content for the site and got some incoming links.) You want users or potential customers to see your link in the listings, click on it, and arrive at your site.

Do this now - type your keywords in Google. Look at how the results are displayed. For every page listed there, you will see the page title, a description or snippet from the page content - and the domain name itself. You may not have consciously noticed this before, but there it is.

The domain name serves as an indication to the person browsing the listings of what the site is actually about. It hasn't got you into the listings, or got you a high ranking there, but it is a big flag to the user, which says, 'Hey, this is what you want, this is definitely what the site is about, check me out.'

For that reason alone, it is good to use keywords in your new domain name.
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