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Newspaper Advertising How To Put Spin On An Old Medium

Apr 9, 2008
Sometimes the old tried and true method of advertising still works well, even in a society dependent on electronic communication. Such is the case of newspaper advertising. Newspaper advertising may be one of the oldest methods of advertising - but it's still surprisingly effective for many businesses.

Newspapers offer greater visibility than many advertising mediums. Most people read still read a newspaper, at least once a day. In a newspaper that has a good circulation, an ad is likely to be noticed by readers.

Newspaper advertising rates are dependent on a lot of factors. The cost of an ad may change based on the popularity of the publication, size of the ad, which section of the paper the ad appears in, how often you plan to run the ad, whether you need design help with the ad, etc.

With a newspaper ad, you take the chance that your ad will be overlooked by the reader. Readers tend to tune out small ads, and they may overlook an ad that simply appears in black and white. Typical black and white advertising in newspaper publications can be expensive, and may not have the same impact as a color ad. However, there is a way to continue to use the large circulation of a newspaper, and the color advertising of other mediums - simply by using newspaper inserts.

With a newspaper insert, you have a cost-effective method of advertising, you still take advantage of the newspaper circulation, and you have a method of advertising that has been tested to generate additional sales and help your company develop a brand image with customers.

A newspaper insert is basically a paper flyer that is inserted into newspapers. These inserts are often referred to as preprints, P & D, or Free Standing Insert (referred to as FSI). The advantage of an insert is that it offers more flexibility over a typical ad. For instance, with an insert, you can:

* Use high quality paper and attractive graphics to create a special insert.
* Add a "call to action" to your flier to capture the attention of the consumer.
* Insert contact information or special information about sales, promotions or special events.
* Produce an ad that stands apart from your competition.

Newspaper inserts are a cost effective method for producing advertising - in fact, it's much more cost effective than some of the other highly coveted methods of advertising - direct mail, radio or television commercials.

With newspaper inserts you can use an ad that is guaranteed to be delivered to the doorstep of thousands of potential clients. You have the ability to select exactly which homes receive the ad (based on postal codes or demographics) and you market you business in a way that yields great results. Newspaper advertising tends to establish credibility to companies and the repeat exposure gives customers a sense of trust with brand identity.

Compare the cost of direct advertising mailing to newspaper inserts - you will spend 4 to 5 times as much on direct mailing as newspaper inserts. There are even a number of internet companies that can prepare your newspaper insert and send it directly to your preferred newspaper for insertion. Companies like http://Wholesaleinserts.com can significantly cut the cost of your newspaper insert.

Newspaper advertising can be quite cost effective and bring new customers to your door. It all depends on how you select your advertising and how willing you are to get the most out of your newspaper investment.
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