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Internet Marketing Articles - A Dirty Little Secret That Took Me Four Months Intensive Research to F

Apr 9, 2008
You can write articles like everyone else and make a pretty good living on the Internet - for now. But if you want to advance to the majors and find out what the Hank Aarons of internet marketing are doing, then here is your first taste.

When you start writing Internet marketing articles, you hear about the many different advantages to publishing your articles in article directories. I would like to discuses one of these advantages of article marketing: that is the multiplying effect of publishing your articles that comes as a result of other people using your articles on their websites, blogs, and e-zines. This is called article syndication.

It's not hard to imagine the up side of every time you publish one of your articles it gets republished on other sites that you otherwise would not have had access to, or even know about, opening up your reach to new readers you otherwise might not have had access to. This is called the viral effect.

Like I said, looking at the two points above, it soon becomes pretty obvious why article marketing is so highly acclaimed as one of the best forms of marketing on the internet. This alone should be enough to get you started on the path of adding this to your arsenal of marketing mediums.

So then, why is your radar telling you that there is a "but" coming? Because, your radar is pretty darn good, that's why. You see, there is the fine print on this form of advertising that very few people know about, and that is why you won't hear very much about the details of how to really get the full effect of your articles almost anywhere else.

First, let's describe an ideal circumstance that might arise from your article marketing. An Ideal circumstance might be that a blog or an e-zine publisher or both with a very strong and loyal audience might really like one of your articles and decide to use it because they think it will bring value to their readers.

Wow, that would be so awesome. This is the kind of thing that can get one article read by tens of thousands of targeted readers in one month.
So what's the problem? The problem is that this is probably never going to happen to you. Why is that you ask? Simple really, let's take the E-zine for example: this e-zine is looking for 800 to 1200 word articles. Why is that a problem? Because the article directories are telling you that you should be writing 250 to 500 word articles.

What does that mean? It means if you have been writing articles in a format that makes directories happy, you are not writing articles that are very likely to be featured in one of the established ezines. In other words, these ezines are not even considering your articles because they are too short.

Are there other things? Yes, about 6 of them. Can you give me one more example? Many ezine publishers think about 300 to 500 character signature boxes with one link are a fair exchange for the use of your article. They think that two or more links, is taking advantage of them, in other words they don't think it's a fair exchange. That means that 1000 character 3 link SIG you have after your articles published on the directories, are knocking you out of the consideration. Ouch!
Don't worry, the good news is, you can publish hundreds of 300 word articles and make a great living just publishing with the directories. But, if you want to really start hitting them out of the park, you have to dig a little deeper, work a little harder and get a lot better. Think your up to it?

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