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The Lowdown on Web Design

Apr 9, 2008
Design, in a general and large scale, is the creation of visually stimulating pieces or areas incorporating an established. Design employs shape, lines, color, and texture to be able to complete its intent. The creation of a design accessible through the use of the Internet is then called Web Design; also known as as web publishing, and web development, and a internet publishing.

Web Design originally belonged to a broader industry called Graphic Design but given the constantly increasing demand for high-caliber web-based visual arrangements, Web Design is slowly establishing itself as a completely new field.
The end product of Web Design a website, which is a collection of information and text and images and available for reference and use over the Internet. This is created through HTML, XHTML, or XML encoding. A web page is an extension of a web page containing more specified topics that can be accessed through a hyperlink. The home page is the first page that greets visitors when they view a web site. It serves as the portal to which all other sites connected to it are accessed. Think of a web site as a house, the web pages as the rooms, and the home page as the front door.

Web Design also involves the conceptualization of a web page intended for either business or personal use, to the planning of how to go about the making of a web page, and finally to the execution of putting this web site up for the Internet. In order for websites to be available, they have to be supported by hosts and search engines such as Yahoo and Google.
Considered both as an art and as a science, Web Design requires that its practitioners are not only adept at creating aesthetically strong layouts but also at utilizing a number of computer languages to create different programs. This is so because Web Design consolidates a person's both creative expression and technical know-how.

With more and more people logging on to the World Wide Web and with the increasing boost in their hours spent using it, many companies have recognized the potential of Web Design as an effective and innovative marketing strategy, providing information and profiles on their products and services. Companies, with the help of both their marketing department and their advertising agency, are now encouraging their clients, customers, and end-users to acquire news, instructions, and reports on the company.

Web Design also allows for personal expression in that anyone can put up his or her own web site. Web sites intended for personal use are more informal and caution-free. The emergence of a number of networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply allows everyone to create a web page using readily-available web addresses and templates.

The Internet has truly redefined the way of life of the people it touches. It presents itself as a separate world, yet dependent on the world in which its creators move about. We can only sit back and witness the many more surprises it may bestow upon us.
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