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Is MLM A Scam? Why MLM Got A Bad Name

Apr 9, 2008
Multilevel Marketing has been with us for around 50 years. Many claim it has made fortunes, while others claim that it is the biggest scam since those guys put water into bottles!

MLM which stands for Multi Level Marketing was a system which makes sense on paper. Instead of opening huge stores and having to make major systems of marketing, instead you can have independent entrepreneurs do marketing and distribution. It's great; in fact it is so great that the internet seems to be modeled on the same principles.

Many people seeing the figures of the potentials thought that this is better than the lottery! After all, you pay a bit more than a lottery ticket, and get a working home business. Wow! But, the reality is very different.

Multilevel Marketing opportunities like anything else in life needs effort. Most people want the easy way, and working to earn that amount is something that many people just would never attempt.

Of course, you try, and you may have even been part of MLM. And if you are part of an MLM home business opportunity then this article will make you aware, so you don't have to get in the rat race of quitting before the time when you see those big results.

Human nature is simply. The boss offers money; in return you have to give all of your time and energy. Once you get home, you have no energy to put into anything else apart from a TV. Being as passive as possible, this is your life.

Success never came from such views. And when someone gets into MLM and they try for a while, they find that the beginning is steep. Unfortunately they feel at this time that Multilevel Marketing does not work. But, the fact is that it requires time.

Consider when you were born. It takes years before you can see returns for all that growth and development. Now imagine how if when you were 3 months old or even 1 or 2 years old, if your parents said why doesn't this child at least make me a tea or coffee! We would no doubt say to those parents, listen, this takes time!

MLM no doubt got its bad name in such a way. Now I am not painting a rosy picture, I am not saying all MLM opportunities work. In fact there are many that do not. However, remember if a Multi Level Marketing home business opportunity has existed at least for a few years, and has made many success stories then you can also.

We are now online; we can access almost all parts of the world. We have Google Earth that can show us the entire world, as if standing as aliens or Gods watching the Earth! The internet and MLM on paper look like similar systems.

So, can MLM and the power of the internet bring better results? Possibly it can. However, the same adage goes: it takes time to see good results.

No one will get up and be an instant success online or with MLM, whether that is with MLM online or offline or a home business that is based online. Success must be earned, you must simply master it. And while the majority of people today want instant gratification, the lure of millions may appeal, but the results will never manifest.
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