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Free Internet Advertising Is The Best In Advertising

Apr 9, 2008
When you are just starting out in your marketing venture, odds are you will not have a lot of money to budget to your advertising efforts. Among the best ideas in low budget advertising is FREE advertising. While some may disagree, it offers some of the best ways to promote your product or service to thousands.

Free advertising makes it easy to get your ads out to thousands of potential customers by being displayed on hundreds of premier sites for free. The results can be significant.

Let's take free classified ads sites. They offer you free exposure to thousands and are very simple to use. Just type or paste your ad into the ads submissions form and submit. That's it! Thead may or may not require approval by the site's admin first before being displayed. In these instances, you are usually notified by e-mail within a day or so.

These ads may last a week or month or more before you are required to resubmit or pay a small fee to renew it. This is a fast way to get your ads out to a potential audience of thousands.It is very effective and efficient, not to mention open 24/7. It works.

Still another free way to advertise is through opt in mailing lists. This is becoming a viable alternative to bulk e-mailing for one good reason: it is 100 percent spam free. These lists, known as opt in mailing lists, means that they have accepted mailings from the list and will not complain that they are being spammed. It is a great way to personalize your mailings to get better results.

Some sites offer free services to help get your ads out to still other sites. For example, Some sites offer the free classified ads submission service. This can be a powerful way to get your ads submitted to hundreds of classified ads sites, not just a few or one at a time. It will get you message out to an even larger audience than submitting your ads to single classified ads sites.

Arguably, traffic exchanges can be a good free service to promote in. Most are free and offer good terms of service. In these cases, the only requirement is to keep your account active by surfing a required weekly minimum. It provides constant traffic to your site which can mean a constant flow of sales. Many offer other services to help you promote your business besides the traffic exchange that are simple and effective. When joining one, it is always a good idea to explore these bonuses.

One often overlooked free advertising option is link trading. This is a free service that offers a webmaster the option of adding his or her link to a site while placing a piece of code to his site. This technique has two benefits. It allows the webmaster to benefit from traffic from the link trading site (which can be coming from other member sites as well as the main site) and it can aid to some degree in search engine rankings.

The demand for free services is growing. The Internet is adapting to meet this need by providing quality services. They are not hard to find. People continually search for them among the free services. The best reason to use them? They're free!
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