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The Art of Drinking from A Fire Hose

Apr 9, 2008
Every year around this time, I start a new cycle of classes and as usual, I've got some eager, excited, anticipating students, many of whom will (I can already tell) work themselves into a bit of a frenzy wanting to soak up as much persuasion as possible in a short period of time. As one client put it, "I kind of feel like I'm drinking water out of a fire hose."

Stop! Take a deep breath. . . now let it go.

Persuasion is a process, just as living is a process.

This program is intense. There is an incredible amount of content. And when something is as intense and content filled as this, there is the option to become overwhelmed. I'd like to suggest a few things to keep in mind throughout at the start.

The first thing I would suggest for those of you just starting out, those of you just opening your eyes to the vastness of the topic we're exploring, I would very much suggest you listen. Listen to the Persuasion Factor calls, listen to the Elite Coaching Club calls, listen to the light and sound sessions. Even if you don't think you're getting it at first, be assured, you're getting it.

As we are learning about human nature, information is ongoing and constantly evolving. Do not fret if you don't absorb something as fully as you'd like the first time around. Play it back. Get it at the level where you get it. Don't cram or force or work yourself up into a frenzy.

What we are really studying here is human behavior. This is something you will hear me say over and over. We are studying human behavior, and since human behavior is not nor will ever be entirely predictable, we keep improving our strategies to be able to interact persuasively.

This learning keeps us on the leading edge all the time compared to those that have typical sales training as a background. People are individuals with different criteria, with different ways of interacting, and as such, the keys to unlocking their particular patterns are all going to be different as well.

I have students who have been with me for years, others just started a few weeks ago. In the months to come, we will be expanding to new groups and I'm absolutely trilled to continue to bring the most cutting edge persuasion techniques to my clients and students.

One expectation I'm finding many new students have is that there should be a level of mastery. But I'll tell you what, I haven't mastered this, none of my students have mastered this, and that's because human nature is constantly evolving and with it we evolve and learn and reach and strive for more excellence, and that's all that we need ask of ourselves.

Certainly, it wouldn't hurt to do the homework either. I'm not suggesting in any way that you don't need to do your homework, I'm just saying that learning is going to happen whether or not you pressure yourself. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable not to pressure yourself? This is what I explained to my new student who was worried that he wasn't getting IT enough to satisfy his high degree of thirst. "If you step back and have perspective on this, imagine yourself able to catch the spray from the fire hose instead of having it aimed straight at your face."
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of wealthy clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
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