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The Real Reason Most People Will Never Make Money In Business

Apr 9, 2008
Do you know that every human being is engineered for success? Do you know that you were created with success built within you? Do you know that you have the power to create unlimited wealth in business, and experience success in your personal life? If that is the case, you ask, then why am I not experiencing it?

Here's the reason. It goes back to your childhood and what you were exposed to or not exposed to when you were young. The real reason most people are broke and will never make money in business is because the majority of the people in the world have negative subconscious beliefs about money.

If you grew up in an environment where there was very little money, or if there were bitter arguments in your household about money, if money was difficult to come by, or money came sporadically in your family, all of these experiences impacted you.

Although you may have forgotten most of these experiences, they are nonetheless, controlling every decision you make financially, personally, and even in business.

Most people have never been taught how to make money, neither by any formal educational school system or their parents, or any authority figures in their lives. We were taught how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but not how to manage and make money.

If your parents or someone in your life never programmed success into your subconscious when you were young, then your subconscious is programmed for failure.

Most people do not realize that the subconscious is a powerful controlling unit. It is the portion of the brain that "runs" the human body. Whatever is programmed into it, you will act on. If you have negative beliefs about money, no matter how hard you try, you will not make money. You won't even attract money. Instead, money will eat a hole in your pocket. You will lose it through whatever circumstances that surface in your life.

The rage is on about the Law of Attraction, but an even more powerful law is the Law of Belief. The Law of Attraction cannot work without the Law of Belief. Because for you to attract something to you, you must first believe you can be, do or have it.

Truth is, there are several universal laws that impact your life, but they must all be working together at the same time for you to experience any kind of success, whether it's business success, financial success, true love, personal happiness, etc.

Most people have purchased more than enough business information that can lead to their financial success. But the main reason why it never happens is because most of them don't even read and follow the information they purchase. The answer is right in front of them, but because their subconscious is programmed for failure, they will never "see" it.

What you must understand is that if your subconscious is programmed for failure, a great business opportunity or the answer to your problem can be right in front of you, but you will never "see" it. The negative programs in your subconscious will cause you to make the wrong decisions. It will seem natural to your mind that you are doing the right thing, but in the end the results work against you.

That is why you can try as hard as you can to make money, work long hours like most people do, and remain broke! The problem is in your subconscious mind, not what you consciously want.

Your subconscious is in absolute control of you, that's why you must work from this level to create change first in your life if you are going to achieve success in your personal and business life.
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