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Listen For The Emotions

Apr 9, 2008
Nearly 80 percent of conventional thinking about insurance sales is wrong; sales is pain elimination, it is not necessarily a need fulfillment. Thomas Brown, who owns a multi-million dollar insurance agency with National Agents Alliance, says, "The key to every sales
situation is to find the prospects' problem, and provide your product as a solution." Why does a potential client want to buy something? There are two simple reasons:
1. To seek pleasure.
2. To avoid pain.

Avoiding pain is the more common motivator for most people. When you were younger, did you ever leave your homework until the last minute and then scramble to meet the deadline? Pretty motivating, wasn't it? Well, when you've got a prospect that may be interested in your product, you need to focus on finding their motivation. That means asking questions. Remember, if you're asking the questions, you're in control of the conversation.

When a customer asks you questions, they're demonstrating a need, so dig deeper, ask more questions and find the pain they have in the current situation. Pain usually equals a problem and that's what you need to find out.

If the client doesn't seem to have any pain, simply lead into a conversation about their current situation. Ask them what it's like now not having coverage in place. Are they comfortable with that? In this case it would be living without the protection of mortgage protection if something goes wrong, say a death of a wage earner in the family or the loss of a job? How does that make them feel? How can they sleep at night? They probably can't and that's why they agreed to see you.

There is an old saying: "keep doing what you're doing; you'll keep getting what you're getting."
Find the pain, and poke at it. Cut, agitate, and bandage, for the clients' benefit of course to help them connect with the urgency at hand. People commonly have a tendency to avoid discussing life and death matters. Dig deep. If it's family that's important, get the family involved. If money is the motivator, show how much is being lost in the current situation. Make it seem like they'd be mad not to change what they're doing right away.

I know it sounds cruel, and it is a bit, but it means your prospect will feel the emotion that's involved with not changing now. Let's call it emotional inspiration.

Laugh a little to take the edge off, and then focus on the solution, returning now and then to remind them. In the case of NAA, both family and money will be the motivators. People want to protect their families; however, they also want to save money while they are doing it. You can show them just how they can do this with the NAA mortgage protection plan.

It's amazing what injecting a bit of emotion into your prospect will do for your sales. Remember, your emotions are contagious, make them good ones. Get excited, use facial expressions and gestures.
Insurance sales are 80% emotion, backed by logic. These points will help you be a peak performer in the insurance business. We know what it takes to earn a top income in the insurance business and you can too. Have fun and good selling!
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