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Don't Make The Cutback Mistake

Apr 9, 2008
Before the Civil War, Edmund McIlhenny operated a sugar plantation and a saltworks on Avery Island, Louisiana.

Yankee troops invaded the area in 1863 and McIlheey had to flee. When he returned in 1865 his sugar fields and saltworks were ruined.

One of the few things left were some hot Mexican peppers that had reseeded themselves in the kitchen garden. McIlhenny who like many in the south were living hand to mouth, including eating foods with very little taste. McIlhenny started experimenting with the ground peppers thinking he had an opportunity become successful once again.

He created a sauce that would liven up his dull diet. He provided, at first to himself and his friends, then many, many customers with a product that is known today as Tabasco sauce. McIlhenny took advantage of an opportunity.

When your market is slow the first thing most businesses (owners, sales professionals) do is cut back. This offers you a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
I agree that it is good to cutback expenses on everything that does not effect your putting yourself, your business in front of the prospect.

When my competition is cutting back their efforts in marketing and selling, giving me the opportunity to be the one the prospects see and hears from, I increase my marketing and selling. I do not make the CUTBACK MISTAKE.

Do not get mired down in self pity. "Woo is me, business is bad!!

Do not make the CUTBACK MISTAKE. It will only make things worst.

There are still buyers out there in your market. Now is the time to be more aggressive WITHOUT INCREASING YOUR COSTS.

1.Contacting them in different ways.

a. You do not need to spend more money with the media. Not since just about everyone uses email and faxes.

b. Be more selective with the media you use. Target your perfect prospects with the media they see.
(Your Perfect Prospect is the prospect that you can make the most amount of money from with the least amount of cost (your time and your money)

c. Increase the number of cold calls you make each day

d. Increase the number of follow up calls you make each day

e. Add an hour or two to each day for contacting prospects

f. Expand the geographic size of your market

g. Use the magic words with everyone you see. "Who do you know" (Who do you know that uses my products / services) There a lots of prospects who you do not know and who do not know you.

The list of things you can aggressively do goes on and on. All you have to do is be more aggressive.

2.Differentiate your business and yourself from your competition.

Show the prospects that are still in the market for your products and service why it is better for them to buy from you.
a. Sell your products benefits
b. Sell your USP's (Unique Selling Propositions)
c. Use Testimonials
d. Use Referrals

Don't make the CUTBACK MISTAKE
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