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Embracing Luxury

Apr 9, 2008
It's getting pricey out there, isn't it? I mean, all the way from the bottom to the top, grocery prices are up because gas prices are soaring because the gas companies need to make bigger profits as a result of war or scarcity or something. . . . really, it's all quite complicated and yet, what it boils down to, is that life is becoming really expensive.

And yet, we're not being asked to conserve or pull in the reigns on spending, tighten our belts so to speak. We're being told it's our patriotic duty to engage in this economy by buying more, more, more. And people are spending, true, but much more conservatively than in times of plenty. Price comparisons, coupons, internet deals, et cetera, are all culminating in sales professionals getting pinched. And as a former sales professional and trainer of sales professionals, I feel it. Most fortunately, for me and for the sales professionals I work with, our products and services are geared toward an affluent clientle and the affluent are not necessarily feeling the pinch like the non-affluent. Because of this, there is absolutely no need to gear our message toward the bargain shoppers.

Our message as we persuade and influence our affluent prospects and clients indeed must not be in the same universe as 'discount' or 'price comparisons'. It must be our intention to set the frame immediately that these concepts (no matter how thrifty our potential customers may be) are inferior, substandard, gauche, and bound to disappoint.

As persuaders and sales professionals who work with the affluent, we must frame our products and services as elite and practical, luxurious and patriotic. Our products and services are of a higher level and therefore we must market the experience of luxury along with what they can do to meet the criteria and values of our clientle. We can also appeal to the notion of like causes like. My preference is not to operate within a framework of scarcity because I know in my life, that like attracts like.

Along those lines, instead of "slashing prices", we must maintain our premium prices. I implore you not to engage in the practice of undermining yourself. Maintain your individuality. As a persuaders, this will naturally come quite easy to you. We have the unique ability to know exactly what our clients and prospects want because we know the techniques necessary to trigger those hot buttons.

Another thing that we must do is focus on developing word of mouth endorsements of the experience of working with us. It's an emotional experience that people crave, it's an emotional experience we're going to give them. This is done with that connection to their highest criteria, this is done through storytelling (i.e. telling stories that are pointedly geared toward why you do what you do and how the experiences of your life make you the perfect person to work with). This is done with really comprehending that everyone, rich, or not so rich, wants to feel special and understood.

So it is my fervent hope that you will begin to understand that you are worth what you charge and once you believe it, your affluent clients will have no choice but to also fall in line.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of affluent clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
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