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Knowing Your Panel Stands From Your Popup Stands

Apr 9, 2008
When putting up an exhibition there are many key things to consider before the actual date of the event. Finding the right equipment can take a long time to organise and finding the right equipment can prove to be a time consuming activity. Without prior knowledge of what banner stands are compared to popup stands can mean that your company displays and logos, could be presented in such a way that it will not stand out as much as you would like it to.

The whole point of an exhibition is to promote you company and their services, drawing in more clients and making new contacts along the way. Having the right equipment will help to achieve this, by using good lighting systems and display units. Researching these in advance will enable you to find what you are looking for, but also see a prototype version of the equipments so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Using expensive equipments will not necessarily mean impressive displays. Popup stands are widely used for their versatility and cheap price tag. They are generally very strong, rigid and lightweight, so they are more easily transported from place to place. These can come available in various different sizes, with nearly all of these stands easy to assemble. These will only normally require one person to assemble, depending upon the size of your stand. These are made with magnetic graphics and can sometimes come flexible or retractable so you can adjust the size.

Most of the popup stands are customizable to suit the company's specification, which will have a very different impact on the way they look. This is a good way of making yourself stand out above your competitors and will enable more people to approach your stand. For those without any experience of holding exhibitions, will need to approach external design agencies to gain an insight and help on putting up an exhibition.

Other agencies focus on designing the graphics for display. Graphics displays can be digital or non-digital, interactive or plain print poster. Digital stands are built with screens on them and are effective in having a strong impact. These can often be expensive and difficult to put together, however, they are also available as pop-ups, which will need a professional or someone experienced to assemble.

Banners are often made large to stand out and act as a point of focus for those wanting to direct more attention onto the stand. These are stands in which a banner can be placed but not pasted. They are lighter than popup stands, are portable and many are available for rent or purchase. They have become increasingly popular to use in many exhibitions. Advertising firms tend to sell these to other companies.

Roll-up banners are retractable and simple to assemble. These are like large posters or banners that roll up at the end of each use. These provide a clear impact on promoting your company logo and take up little spacing. These have recently been designed not to curl along the sides using tough materials to keep the poster rigid.

Panel stands are very different in that they are much larger and are assembled to look like a large wall with panels built onto them. These are good for giving presentations, and or for companies in need of a stand that will allow for demonstrations of product designs. These are very good for getting more client interaction or allowing potential clients to participate in these demonstrations.

Knowing what each exhibition equipment is and how each one will have an impact, is a good way of getting an idea of what the exhibition will look like. Some equipment are big and will need to be placed where there is a lot of walking space and near where people are likely to see it. You can get expert advice and help to plan this out, generally, you will need to get an estimate of the size of the venue and decide where the equipment will be placed to have the most impact.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on popup stands, having used her skills in exhibition organisation to use them as a main display unit.
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