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Throw the Company Anniversary Party of the Year

Apr 9, 2008
If you're going to have a celebration, then HAVE a celebration! Have a celebration that will give every other organization in the community a mark to shoot at until the end of time. Do an inspired job - not just a job - or don't undertake an anniversary celebration at all.


We believe that a company undertaking an anniversary celebration can do itself a real injury, and perhaps a permanent one, by mishandling its employee relations in connection with the event. And one sure, unfailing way to get the project off on the wrong foot and guarantee complete employee indifference is to withhold information on plans, or exclude employees from a share in the planning. Few things hurt employee morale more than to receive news of something affecting them, their jobs, or their organization from a customer who moved into town just last week from Anchorage, Alaska.


So how are you doing?

Actually, there is no scientific way to measure exactly the results of any major public relations venture such as an anniversary celebration. However, some attempt at measurement of achievement in the light of the original goals should be made.

A bit more community acceptance, friendly and relaxed; a little more frequent expression of public understanding and appreciation; a greater measure of good-natured tolerance for your shortcomings; a slow, steady, and permanent increase in the number of your customers, patrons, supporters, clients - these are the tangible things which provide assurance that you've been doing well. These are the things which add up to a bountiful return on your investment of a few paltry pennies each on the total number of people your anniversary program touched.


We know of no way at all to decide how often an organization should celebrate an anniversary. There are too many variables, changing with each establishment. Certainly there aren't any "rules," except those imposed by common sense and good taste.

We do not agree with those who claim that the only anniversaries meriting public celebration are the 25th, the 50th, the 75 th, and the 100th. Certainly those dates are among the most impressive, logical, and well-spaced, but we feel that a 10th anniversary marks a very important milestone in the growth of a young company even though the scope of a celebration is apt to be restricted.

We know that many companies successfully note their 60th (now known, along with the 75th, as Diamond Jubilee or Anniversary) and their 70th years. We believe that from the 75th year on, an organization can expect a reasonably successful celebration every five years if it likes.

And we are sure that if a company has a successful Silver (25th) Anniversary, an attempt at another celebration on its 26th birthday is likely to fall flat on its face!

But that's all we know about how often a company may celebrate.


An anniversary celebration is an unbeatable opportunity for creative public relations, but even the best public relations departments sometimes fall down on follow-through.

Don't ever think that because your company received more publicity than ever before in its history, the celebration is automatically a complete and permanent success. The only thing such publicity does is provide for an organization a spotlight wherein it may continue its performance. Unless you are alert to this fact, and alert to the fact that the community good will engendered by the anniversary program must be constantly nourished and cultivated, you'll shortly be back where you were before your celebration began.

Consider the above points and you will no doubt make a success of your celebrations. Happy celebrating!
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