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Money Making Opportunities with Autoresponders

Apr 9, 2008
Autoresponding e-mails began simply. They were designed to be sent when a visitor to your site signs up for a newsletter or your e-zine. When they submit their information, the auto-generated e-mail is sent to their inbox with no extra work on your part. They were traditionally created to offer an extra thank you or note of appreciation for a new subscriber.

Today, their usage has become far more common. Autoresponders are used for everything from sending mass e-mails to your subscribers to notices of sales or free promotions. It's easy to see why this method of marketing has gained such popularity.

Autoresponders bridge an important gap between a business or site owner and a customer or potential client. They link the imperative communication necessary to both maintain and develop a business. They offer information to your current client base and open the doors for possible clients to get to know your company. They are used today for many generic functions: notices of payment, reminders to pay, and necessary communications to build the customer's confidence in your business capabilities.

Because autoresponders work only with those who have submitted their information, they do not send spam. You are already assured that the people receiving your e-mails are interested in your products or your services. Everyone receiving your responses has already undergone the "opt-in" process.

The next step, once you have a list of subscribers, is to make your customer list work for you. This is done in many ways, and making money through your autoresponder is most likely far simpler than you imagine.

Some of the greatest promotional tools for any businesses or web sites are "freebies." When you can offer something of value for nothing, no hidden charges or catches, your company will gain a priceless reputation and public acknowledgement for your generosity. In a world, such as the consumer's, any company that concerns itself enough to do this will draw positive attention and solid character.

Another factor to figure in your response is viable content. You want to offer news, tips, or advice relating to your industry or business. Providing helpful and informative content through something as simple as an autoresponse gives your business a professional edge. You will retain your current base of subscribers and watch your list numbers grow.

You can impress your subscribers even more when you include their name in the response. It doesn't matter if it's in the actual body of the e-mail or just in the subject line. It will give the impression that the subscriber has received personal attention.

If you have more to discuss than a single response will allow, it's perfectly acceptable to break the news up into serial e-mails. By utilizing good promotion in the same time frame, you can use the series to draw in more subscribers. If you have a home improvement business supplier online, you can use autoresponders to create a series on patching drywall or refinishing furniture. At the same time, you could advertise these e-mails as "free virtual workshops."

During the holiday seasons, your autoresponders can be customized to give your clients seasonal greetings and good wishes. This is a thoughtful way of letting your clients know you appreciate their business long after the actual transaction.

The practice of autoresponding is a far more efficient way of building and managing your client base. You can leave your customer with the impression that they have received personal attention and still have time for development and growth.
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