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Where To Go For Your Corporate Hospitality

Apr 9, 2008
Finding the right event for your corporate hospitality event can be difficult. Typically corporate hospitality is arranged so that you can show gratitude to your staff or so that you can encourage new clients or business associates to work with you. As a result it can mean that you have to find an event that will be enjoyable for people with a broad range of abilities.

For example if you are looking to provide hospitality for a group of friends that enjoy activities you might take them paintballing but this might not be suitable for a large group of people you might include for corporate hospitality. As a result you need to find an activity that can be enjoyed by a wide demographic of people. Ideally this would be an activity that could involve people regardless of physical capacity, it would be something that will allow the opportunity to talk to and enjoy the experience with your guests and ultimately the event should be enjoyable. So what kinds of events are good for corporate hospitality?

Your corporate hospitality event should be an enjoyable event. It is important that you make enjoying the event the priority. If you go in for the event in an attempt to schmoose and make business deals then it is likely that the enjoyment of the event will be ruined. That being said making friends is an extremely powerful tool in making business deals. Sports events are great options for corporate hospitality as they often provide excellent food and drink alongside great entertainment.

Even if you pick an event that some people are not particularly enthusiastic about you will find that it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement and atmosphere of a big sporting occasion even if it does not in theory sound like fun. The atmosphere at sporting events is often electrifying and regardless of whether or not you like cricket you will soon find yourself enjoying a day at a test match.


Golf days can be a great way of building business relationships. Golf days operate in a number of different ways. For example you could have a golf day in which the members of your corporate group play golf against one another but there is also the great option of attending a professional golf tournament as a spectator.

For people that are not fanatical about golf this may sound like a bad idea but it is actually a great sport to watch as a spectator. The atmosphere at these events is fantastic and will capture the imagination of everyone regardless of whether or not they are fans of the game. The other benefits of this choice of corporate hospitality is that you are able to spend a lot of time talking and enjoying the company of your guests.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a very enjoyable day out. It is a great day for a corporate event as it can appeal to a broad range of people. It can be an extremely prestigious event to attend and can be a great excuse to get dressed up in your finest clothes. The hospitality at these events is second to none and the food and drink is fantastic. The horse racing has long been synonymous with the rich and famous and the history of providing good hospitality is evident in the quality that you find. It is a great choice as you are able to enjoy the racing and socialize with your guests between races.
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Shaun Parker helps people arrange corporate events. He recommends Corporate Hospitality as a method of thanking your staff for their efforts.
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